My Entire Goddamn Collection (with notes)

Look, I’m a showboating otaku (if that wasn’t blatantly fucking obvious). Of course I love to see people’s otaku rooms, and I love to try and show off my own, even though it’s less of an otaku room than it used to be.

I used to have fuckloads of posters covering my walls—mostly stuff from Megami and other magazines, the majority of which were given to me by a friend. (He kept the stuff he liked and gave the rest to me. I was less discriminating because I wanted a room completely covered in anime posters.) I also had a bunch of posters that came with DVDs, and a number of DVD covers (the ones with a full image on the back) stuck to my walls. I took a ton of old Anime Insider magazines, tore out full-page images that I liked, and put those up. None of these remain.

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DigiBoy's Collection 1: The Depths of My Regret (OR Buyer's Remorse: The Shit I Wasted Money On, As Raped By Krauser II)

When a normal person sees a high-power-level collection, they will invariably remark on how you have ‘wasted a lot of money on this crap’, and a proper fan will usually reply that it ‘isn’t a waste.’ I wish I could say that, but the truth is that I own a few things that I truly regret buying. Organized, here, in order of how much I spent on this shit. Needless to say, they are all figures, and therefor I will depict each of them being raped by Funeral’s Krauser II Revoltech, a 25-dollar toy with more value than all the shit I’m carting out combined. Ugh. These are the mistakes of my youth.

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Figures are bitches

Back in October/November I decided I wanted to get into anime figures. I did a lot of looking around at them to see which ones I wanted to get. The thing I found most obvious was Yunocchi, because she is pretty much my favorite anime gal ever, however I found out she was sold out, and my friend who is far more experienced in these maters told me that there was little chance there’d ever be restock. Taking this to heart, I decided that if I really wanted a figure I would preorder it, therefor assuring my stock and if I decided it was a stupid idea I could cancel the order. So I preordered the soon to be released Kino figure which was slated for January 31. Now, for a good while I didn’t need to worry about it, but once January hit I had to carefully plot out my expenditures to make sure I’d have enough when the figure was released. At the time I had also preordered the Hatsune Miku nendoroid, but cancelled it halfway trough January. I  was uber looking forward to Kino still, though. However, near the end of January, I found out she got pushed back to February 15th. Now, I was a bit irked because it meant I’d been saving money I could have been spending, but I was glad that I would be able to spend it. So now the 15th was drawing near and I had just enough money ready. Literally, on the fucking 14th, they announced it would be pushed back again to the end of February. Now, I’m a very patient person, but it really fucks me up when I plan my whole goddamn allowance around something, stopping myself from buying things I want in anticipation only for it to be pushed back. I also have a Horo figure on preorder, though only because I think she will be a great character, I haven’t exactly decided if I will get it, but my friend was saying how it was likely she’d end up getting pushed back. He said ‘your prolly better off just spending your money’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely whining, because now I can buy the Noein boxset on sale and get the next volume of Shadow Star, I just wish they wouldn’t fuck with me like that.  I am very anal about organizing my money, and it just throws me off-balance.