Feels Good Man: Spring 2011

I get to be in a cool position for Spring 2011. More than ever before, I know a lot about most of the shows that are coming out this season. It helps that I read a lot more manga last year than I used to, but it’s just coincidence that several of those being adapted are among my favorites. This isn’t a pro season preview post like you can find other places, but hopefully you’ll learn something useful to your decisions about the next season here. And my co-blogger, Thoughtcannon, will be helping me out.

Thoughtcannon: I on the other hand have read exactly jack squat in terms of manga and am mostly going into this season based on wits alone. It takes a keen eye and a sure foot to separate the anime wheat from the anime chaff. I have neither superlative appendage, which is probably why I watched all of Heroman, 07-Ghost, and the 2nd season of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. Most likely I will also watch every piece of tripe that comes out in Spring as well…including sequels…especially sequels.

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New Year’s Resolutions 2011 and Some Things To Expect On the Site


I’m very satisfied with the way 2010 turned out, but I’ll have to set my standards even higher for 2011. If 2010 was me getting my life on-track, then 2011 will be me picking up speed along that track. To become the person I want to be, I’ll basically have to be one boss-ass nigga.

So, here’s what I’m going to do in 2011:

– Write at least 2000 words of fiction and at least 1000 words of non-fiction (blogging) a day. This can be in any form.

– Complete at least the first 2 books in the Tales From the End of the World series.

– Reach at least 450 completed anime (approx. 80 to go).

– Get my driver’s license (for real this time!).

– Continue to make good grades.

– Never go more than three days without at least one post on Dull Sword.

– Record at least 1 original song and 1 karaoke video per month.

– Make at least 3 short films this year.

– Draw at least one piece of art per month.

A lot less general, more direct, and, I think, reasonable goals than last year (after all I’d like to think I’m a much more mature person than I was then lol). Still, reasonable as they may be, these are pretty big goals. I’ll be pushing myself to the limits to complete everything, and that’s exactly what I want from myself in 2011.

What to expect from Dull Sword in 2011:

– Starting January 9th, I’m reinstating Digiboy’s Character Database of Love. I’ll still be accepting submissions, so contact me if you want to write for the series.

– Tomorrow I’m going to announce a big project that should flood the site through most of February~

– Since it’s occurred to me that I never formally announced it here, this is a good time to mention that I’ve joined Otou-san’s Shameful Otaku Secret blog alongside he and ghostlightning. (Basically the perfect team.) I’ll probably do a lot of random episodic posts and micro-reviews there, in replacement of Scarlet Monochrome, which will become decidedly not-anime-focused from here on out.

– I say it all the time, but I’m really hoping to turn this site into more of a shrine to my favorite anime/things, and I hope to accomplish that in 2011.

– Sometime this year, I hope to episodically blog Kure-nai, finish my episodic posts on Sora no Woto, and do a lot of creator profiles.