2010 Acadime Awards: Best Actress in a Supporting Role

For anyone who doesn’t know what this is about, I tried to run a 2010 Acadime Awards series back in February, but because I’m a huge flake, I failed miserably. However, I didn’t want to let all the contributions I’ve received go to waste, so I’m posting up the categories that already had writer contributions.

From this point on, there aren’t any posts that I’d done work on already, so I’ll just be posting the nominations and the winning write-up for each category. First up, one of my favorites, the award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

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2010 Acadime Awards: Best Actor in a Supporting Role

These days, there seems to be a lack of great male supporting characters in anime. The average series tends to feature far more girls than guys, and the men are usually either the main character or the main character’s sidekick. The only shows that have a significant number of male characters and actors tend to be aimed at women, such as Hetalia or Kuroshitsuji (neither of which I watched, by the way). Still, there was at least one excellent anime of 2010 that brought forward a slew of great male supporting roles.

(There were originally more nominees for this category, but the only ones I ended up writing about were the ones from Durarara!!)

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2010 Acadime Awards: Best Mecha Design

Okay! Back in business! I hope you can still remember enough about 2010 anime to enjoy it!

Today, my good friend Schneider of Continuing World will be presenting the award for Best Mecha Design. While I decided on the nominees for this category, Schneider decided to write about all of the nominees himself and choose the winner, so really, this is Schneider’s Acadime Award for Best Mecha Design!

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Dull Sword 4.44 and the Fate of the Acadime Awards

Maybe on my 4th anniversary I’ll post this site’s “version history” lol. (Yes, the numbers actually mean something.) And somehow I keep doing status posts even though I claim to hate them, but I guess it’s always been that way.


Art by zero

You’ve probably noticed how this site has been moving farther and farther in an obscure direction, which is a good thing because that’s what I’ve wanted it to do for a long time. (Maybe I’ll finally fulfill my dream of becoming anime kritik.) You guys have made it clear that you support whatever decision I decide to make with this site, so I’m very happy to know that I can make changes without feeling like I’m disappointing someone. Those changes will continue.

The next step for this site is to generalize its anime culture content more. As of now, I post almost solely on anime—before, I covered a broader field, but I tried to narrow it down to just anime last year. This year, I’m broadening it back out again. The trouble with doing that is that I have an established audience who doesn’t care as much about those other things, but I’ve gotten used to posts that no one reads and don’t mind it anymore.

So, I’ll talk a lot more about anime-related light/novels, continue my ongoing seiyuu-fanboying stint, maybe talk about some video games if I ever actually play them, bring manga back, etc. What I’m also considering is integrating the posts from some of my inactive side-blogs into this one so that I can finally shut those ones down. I’ll definitely be doing so for my “secret” manga blog, Is That You, Moatilliatta. Once I import the posts, depending on whether they show up in my feed or not, I’ll make a post linking to them so that you can check them out, since they’ll probably sort themselves out by original date of publication.

UPDATE: Looks like the posts all showed up in my feed LOL


Art by yuuki keisuke

While I’m talking about version updates, let me take this opportunity to once again welcome my co-blogger Thoughtcannon whom I’m not entirely sure everyone knows is writing here now lol. He’s already published some great posts here, which I’ve linked to below.

Ai-Pon and Spectrums of Cute

Freezing: Ender’s Game With Tits

Feels Good Man: Spring 2011 (assist)

For those who like to be able to keep up with everything I write (typing that sentence feels surreal knowing that some of you do exist, and I love you guys), here is a list of all the places you can find me right now and what you’ll get there (this site excluded).

Shameful Otaku Secret – I’ve been quite active on Otou-san’s site, where I’ve been posting about current shows, some episodically.

Scarlet Monochrome – Since I’m pushing all anime-related content, no matter how small, to either this site or SOS, Scarmono should become a site entirely for either personal stuff with no connection to anime, or music.

Cirno and Purple Steve – This is a web serial I’ve been posting twice weekly for the past three weeks. I like the way it’s been turning out so far, so if you’re interested in reading some silly experimental short fiction, then by all means give it a go.

Modal Hsoul Productions – Despite existing for about two months, this site is just now becoming active. I’m considering it my main operations hub for all creative works. Currently I’ve been posting short stories there, but it will eventually be linked to all of my future projects, so if you want to follow my writing career, follow this site.

Lately I’ve been focusing mostly on my fiction writing, but it clearly hasn’t detracted all that much from my anime blogging, so no matter what I say, don’t expect this site to go anywhere soon. As for social media outlets, I’m still on indefinite twitter sabbatical and with any luck, I’m never coming back. A lot of people are still contacting me on twitter, so I’m still checking it regularly, but if possible it’d be great if you could contact me through one of the ways mentioned on my about page instead.


Art by yukaman

Now, the thing you’re all wondering about: what the fuck is up with the Acadime Awards? Last I mentioned, I promised they were still running, and that was over a month ago and the second post never came out. Well, I did work on a few posts and nearly finished them, but never did finish them, so they never came out. I kept assuring myself I’d get around to it because I don’t want the work of all the contributors to go to waste, but clearly I have no real desire to continue working on the series.

So, instead of doing it properly, I’m just going to post the winners of each category and put up the write-ups from the contributors, and maybe add some other comments of my own in some cases. I apologize again for my being such a huge flake and promise I won’t let something like this happen again.

To those who have not yet completed their write-up or didn’t start because they weren’t sure of the fate of the program, I leave it entirely up to you to decide if you want to still finish. I’m just going to post the completed ones that I’ve received one at a time until I run out, and then I’ll post any others I receive after the fact. The posts can be expected to begin as early as tomorrow.

And, that’s all for now. Once again, I’d like to thank everyone who’s still reading me through this period of relative obscurity, and will be happy to see some of you follow the many other writing projects I’ve got going on as well.

Last Call For Acadime Awards Presenters

The Acadime Awards begin in 5 days. There are still 10 positions open, so in the event that I can’t find volunteers, I’ll present those awards myself. I also want to take this opportunity to remind contributers about the awards in case they’ve forgotten (as I had for a few days lol). So far, all the write-ups I’ve received have been excellent, so I look forward to what everyone else will bring forth~

Since drmchsr0 never contacted me about his interest in writing for it, the Best Villain category is available again.

Current Confirmed Contributers: ghostlightning, taka, zzeroparticle, lolikitsune, 2D Teleidoscope, mefloraine, schneider, Chii

Write-ups that I’ve received so far: Best Fight Scene (Robot), Best ED, Best Female Character, Best Movie, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Movie

Dates I need write-ups by for other categories: Best Character Designs—Feb 5; Best Actress in a Supporting Role—Feb 6; Best Original Soundtrack—Feb 8; Best Breakthrough Performance—Feb 11; Best On-Screen Couple—Feb 14; Best Mecha Design—Feb 15 ; Best OVA For An Existing Franchise—Feb 16; Best Original OVA—Feb 21; Best Actor in a Leading Role—Feb 22; Best Actress in a Leading Role—Feb 24; Best Writing—Feb 25; Best Male Character—Feb 26; Best Series—Feb 28

Categories which do not yet have a presenter (and dates I need write-ups by):

Best Animation (Movie/OVA)—Feb 7
Best Animation (TV)—Feb 2
Best Animation Director (If you even know what this entails, then you’re my wo/man)—Feb 10
Best Art Director (same as above)—Feb 13
Best Director—Feb 18
Best Fight Scene (Human)—Feb 12
Best On-Screen Team—Feb 23
Best OP—Feb 1
Best Scene—Feb 17
Best Villain—Feb 20

More Info On the Acadime Awards (And the Preliminary Award for Best Magnificent Douchebag)

The response to my Acadime Awards announcement has been overwhelmingly positive, and a number of volunteers have already come forth. I’m excited to see how this’ll turn out, however, I think there’s been some confusion as to how this all works and what part you can do to help, so I decided to present a preliminary award to show what it’ll be like.

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Announcing Digiboy’s Acadime Awards! (And How You Can Make Them Awesome)

Not the Oscar I had in mind. Art by kayu http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=kayu

Being as I watched most of what aired in 2010 (and plan to finish some of what I didn’t in the coming month), I thought it’d be fun to do an Academy Awards-style ceremony to celebrate all the great elements of 2010 anime. Rather than talk about what I’m gonna do, it might be more helpful if I just showed you my list of categories:

  • Best Actor in a Leading Role
  • Best Actor in a Supporting Role
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role
  • Best Animation (Movie/OVA)
  • Best Animation (TV)
  • Best Animation Direction
  • Best Art Direction
  • Best Breakthrough Performance
  • Best Character Designs
  • Best Director
  • Best ED
  • Best Female Character (presenter decided)
  • Best Fight Scene (Human)
  • Best Fight Scene (Robot) (presenter decided)
  • Best Male Character
  • Best Mecha Design
  • Best Movie (presenter decided)
  • Best On-Screen Couple (presenter decided)
  • Best On-Screen Team
  • Best OP
  • Best New Series
  • Best Original Soundtrack (presenter decided)
  • Best Original OVA
  • Best OVA For An Existing Franchise
  • Best Series
  • Best Writing (presenter decided)

So basically, it’s like a fusion of the Academy Awards and the MTV Movie Awards, since while I love all the serious categories, I also care about all the non-serious ones. (If you have any suggestions for other categories, please leave a comment.)

I intend to do this up real big and run it through the whole month of February, with one award given out daily.

As for what gets the awards, the decision will ultimately be my own. This is meant to be a fun activity, not a serious one, and besides, I never agree with the Academy Awards, so fuck all ideas of “quality.” I will, however, be taking a lot of different peoples’ thoughts into consideration. And that’s where you come in.

For each award, I want to have a “presenter.” I’ll start off the post by announcing and saying a little bit about each nominee, and then introduce a guest to announce and talk about the winner. The idea here is that the presenter would be someone with a personal interest in that particular category. For instance, someone who knows a lot about seiyuu could help with the Best Actor/Actress awards, while someone who cares a lot about anime music can help with the Best OST category.

Here’s my request: if you would like to participate in this event, then contact me via email (digitalboyreviews@gmail.com) or instant messenger (gtalk same handle, AIM DigitalboyDB, YIM digitalboyreviews) and let me know which categories you’re interested in. I’ll then give you my list of nominations, and we’ll decide together what should be the winner. After a couple of weeks, I’ll post again with what categories still need a writer.

This series won’t begin until February, so we have plenty of time to set everything up. Whether you decide to participate or not, I hope you look forward to it!