Biomega Vol. 1 – You'll Never Need To Read Another Action Manga After This

I love Tsutomu Nihei for obvious reasons: his art, which mixes stylized designs and disgustingly intricate detail, is fucking amazing. Nihei is intersted in drawing exactly two things – awe-inspiring cyberpunk worlds and badass humanoid creatures in sleek trench-coat and leather variants. Oh, and explosions of blood. These things are exactly what you get from Nihei’s long-running debut manga BLAME!, a masterpiece of sci-fi action with very little dialog and something getting blown up on almost every page that doesn’t feature a massive illustration of some crazy-looking structure. BLAME! is one of my favorite manga for these very reasons, though I admit that it has some little issues; the most prominent of which is how, gorgeous as Nihei’s art is, it is sometimes troublesome telling  just what the hell is going on in his complex panels. The other issue is simply that BLAME! has almost no plot whatsoever, though I’m totally fine with that if it means every single page can kick so much ass.

Biomega takes BLAME!’s always-turned-up-to-ten style and pace and edges it right over the line to eleven. Once again, there is very little dialog or plot in Biomega, but at the very least, the little plot that’s there is comprehensible. By the end of the first volume, you have a full grasp of what’s going on, which I don’t necessarily demand from a story this badass, but at least it’s nice. The biggest thing that Biomega improved on BLAME! (and I apologize if the later volumes of BLAME! are also like this; I haven’t finished the series myself) is that the art, beautiful as ever, is no longer confusing. The panels are much more clean and crisp and without  the unnecessary overload of detail that BLAME! sometimes featured.

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Kampfer ep. 1 – Bullet Bitches

The first episode of Kampfer is great – a load of fun, a casserole of laughs, at least one or two kinds of badass, easily the best Nomad production since Rozen Maiden, and part of the growing yuri trend in anime. That said, let’s admit the truth: this is a show about female domination.  It goes beyond just having a mostly-female cast and plenty of fanservice – this show is putting an effort into placing the pussy on a pedastal that the male gender is far too weak to reach.

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Canaan vs. Black Lagoon: A Battle of Battles – Don't F This Up (1)

A post in the “Don’t Fuck This Up” series. In reply to comment number 8, by Ghostlightning.

Canaan and Black Lagoon are without a doubt two of the most badass gun-slinging action anime ever produced. The two series have some similarities such as their high production values, dark urban setting, mostly female-dominated action, and, of course, boatloads (u-boatloads, even) of violence. That all said, the action scenes in both shows feature very different choreography from one another, which I will now explore.

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Canaan 9 – A Bump in the Speedway

This image is a pretty good representation of this episode as a whole. As awesome as Yun Yun riding in Hakko’s lap ought to be, and as cute as that blush is, no one’s really smiling or excited about it. Think of Yun Yun sitting in Hakko’s lap as the awesomeness inherent in watching Canaan, and the cuteness of the blush as the highlights of the episode, but the worried expressions and furrowed brows as the general disappointment in a subpar episode. Once again, my partner No Name joins me to discuss the ups and downs.

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MAZE OF THE HAZE! Test Drive – Weird Shit that Central Park Media Left Behind

I’m going to go ahead and guess that you haven’t seen Maze the Megaburst Space, and if you have, you are probably very excited that someone is actually talking about it. It’s one of those shows that aired in the 90s and got licensed long ago, but largely forgotten to the point that it’s scarce fans don’t even bring it up anymore, even if they probably really enjoyed it. No Name hasn’t even seen it – that’s how you know it’s fallen under the radar. And I wouldn’t have seen in either, were it not for some folks in the Amazon marketplace trying to get rid of some stock.

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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Review – Digging For Fun and Striking Gold

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is an incredible cinematic experience in gaming that uses nearly perfect pacing and a superbly fun combat system to offer maximum thrills, memorability, and replay value. It also marks my own return to gaming by being the first game that I’ve ever beaten to 100% completion. The word of the day here is ‘fun’ and Uncharted is ready to show you how it can be had in a great variety of ways.

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Kill All the White People! – Blaster Knuckle Review

[BGM: Kill All the White People – Type O Negative]

Have you ever wondered what early Berserk would be like if the Black Swordsman were actually black, the demons he fought were members of the KKK, and the whole thing was set in the American southwest of 1880? Well, Blaster Knuckle is the answer you your questions.

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