I Never Thought I'd Say This But… This Idolm@ster Song Has TOO MUCH BASS

Agent Yoru wo Iku is a song from the Idolm@ster game that is featured in Nico Nico Ryuuseigun and other Nico Nico videos. I really loved the part that’s featured in Ryuuseigun for being a catchy, cheery chorus with a really awesome dance that goes along with it. So I watched the full version.

This is a really awkward song. It starts off really jazzy and cool with a secret agent vibe that I enjoy a good bit. It’s very old-school feeling and fun. Then there’s a kind of awkward transition part before the song explodes into it’s super-poppy chorus. There’s some really jolly horns, upbeat vocals, and it’s be perfect smiling fun… if it weren’t for the bass. There’s this really low, heavy, but very loud bass going on back there that completely contrasts with the rest of the song. It comes out being totally awkward and hard to lilsten to. That’s probably why the remix in the Ryuuseigun is a lot more simple, catchy, and poppy.

At least the dance is still super-cute for the chorus. Vocal power ranges with whose singing.

And also, for those wondering, my blog has some kind of problem thanks to my FUCKING host putting FUCKING google ads in my source code that I can’t remove and they are causing my feed to go unverified meaning anime nano won’t read it. Advice: DO NOT USE A FREE HOSTING, ESPECIALLY NOT 50GIGS. I’ll probably change my host sometime.