More Awesome Anime Moms! – Mothers Day Special

We Remember Love did an awesome team post on anime moms for mother’s day. They covered 4 great moms, one of which is among my own favorites (Takehara Fusa). I liked their post (as always) but I wanted to highlight some more awesome moms for the world to see. I love my own mom, who is closer to me than almost anyone, and I always like to see great moms in anime as well. Happy mother’s day to all the great moms in the world!

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Cruel Moe Thesis – OH! Repost 5

Because Oi, Hayaku has gone defunct, I will be reposting all my OH! posts here. Enjoy if you haven’t already.

How does one come to adore moe? Where does it begin? And where does it go from there?

The issue has been debated long and hard on the internet. Welcome to the NHK has it’s own theory:

But is this really true? I wanted to study one man’s obsession with moe – and what better test subject than myself?

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