Strike Witches x Iron Maiden – Aces High [AMV/MAD]

Note: The subs are only there for the first part, don’t worry. Unfortunately, I couldn’t embed the youtube vid because embedding keeps screwing with my feed.

There are certain combination you would never, ever expect to happen, and then they do, and somehow are totally fucking awesome. Strike Witches and Aces High seem like they were practically made for each-other in this video. High-octane action and badass power metal collide in epic ways. I should note, though, I listened to music the whole time I watched Strike Witches so a lot of it was like this for me already haha. Awesome vid, which you can watch on NicoNico Douga if you know how (as was covered in my other Nico posts.)

And yeah, I’m obsessed with Nico Nico Douga. I’ve had the ryuuseigun stuck in my head all day.

AMV Highlight – Cowboy Bebop – Stress

For the past few days I’ve been bored and pretty much worthless. Saturday was a huge party night, and so Sunday pretty much consisted of sleeping and a lot of nothing. Monday was a ‘B’ day at school, which means I get out at 12:30 and we did so little in each of my classes that I actually couldn’t remember even having been at school. I came home and proceeded to spent my whole day doing absolutely nothing. Yet, I managed to be up till 12:30. This morning, I was more tired than I’ve ever been in my whole life. For some reason, my whole body was sore like I’d been mugged in my sleep. However, my dad doesn’t trust me in the slightest so he sent me off to school even though I slept right until going and I knew I’d sleep through class.

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AMV Highlight – Schwarze Herz – Petit Cossette and Opeth's Porcelain Heart

A lot of AMVs are synched up just fine and perhaps feature a bunch of cool effects that make them popular in the AMV crowd. However, I for one am sick of random pretty anime set to techno mixes, spastic comedy set to upbeat songs, and action scenes set to heavy metal. The thing that makes AMVs good are beyond just he technical skill of the creator, but more importantly how the song and anime fit together.

And even though, I am tired of vague meanings linked to all sorts of shows. Just about every show can be linked to a Linkin Park song because their lyrics and sound are so general that anything can be said to match up. What I like to see are more specific matches. A song and anime with unique tones that miraculously match up. I consider this an example.

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AMV Highlight: Kiyomaro's Judgement

Warning: Video may cause seizures! Prolly better to watch without fullscreen.

This is definitely one of the most unexpected AMV discoveries that I’ve made, but it’s long had a place in my heart. The song is ‘Day 8: School’ by Ayreon set to the anime Gash Bell (or Zatch Bell for us who saw it on Cartoon Network). This odd combination is very exciting in spite of one huge, possibly fatal flaw that will determine whether you like or hate the video.

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AMV Highlight: Akira Trigger

Back by popular demand!

Note: This video contains Akira spoilers, but if you haven’t seen Akira, then what are you doing calling yourself an anime fan?

I’d like to talk now abut one of my all-time favorite AMVs and the second video on my youtube favorites list (making it 3 years old – as a mater of fact it’s 3rd bday on youtube is in 4 days.) It takes one of my favorite movies, Akira, and synchs it up with one of my favorite songs, Delirium Trigger by Coheed and Cambria, to create an ultimate amalgamation of awesome. Also I am going to try and strategically place the video where it fits in the text.

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AMV Highlight – Light: Non-Objective Portrait of Karma

Note: This AMV DOES NOT contain spoilers. Also it may help to scroll down and read the lyrics first.

Contrary to somewhat popular belief, there are a whole lot of really great AMVs out there. Most of the celebrated ones involve intense digital editing and ridiculous high quality. However, there are some AMVs that succeed in simplicity. Today’s choice is a video that breaks several AMV taboos with great success.

Non-Objective Portrait of Karma by Circle Takes the Square and Death Note

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