Mamoru Oshii is an Evil Bastard, So Why Do I Love Him? (An Exploration of My 'Old-School Tsundere' Relationship With The Acclaimed Director)

Without a doubt, Mamoru Oshii is one of the most acclaimed and important anime directors around. His entire career has pretty much been a nonstop train of landmark works. After directing a few episodes here and there of various late 70s anime, he got his big break as director of Urusei Yatsura, the legendary series that put Rumiko Takahashi as well as himself on the map. Oshii directed just over 100 episodes of the show and then did 2 movies, the second of which, Beautiful Dreamer, is largely seen as the ‘birth’ of his career, as it was the first work to feature his signature mind-bending style.

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Getting Into The Bones of the Like vs. Enjoy Conflict – It Exists, You Have It

I like Angel's Egg but fuck all it was BORING.

Yesterday, Ghostlightning did a post about how it’s possible for him to like a show that he did not enjoy, and to conversely enjoy a show that he did not like. I at first decried this as impossible for myself – after all, I’m known for not putting up with things I don’t enjoy – my enjoyment seems to be intrinsically tied to what I do or don’t like. However, I mulled around with the thought and realized that, holy shit, ‘like’ and ‘enjoy’ are two totally different things, and then I finally cracked open on something I’ve been fighting for a while. I’ve always hated the way that people often declare ‘their favorites’ as separate from what they consider ‘the best’ anime. And now I’ve stumbled on the real meaning of those dual-lists – it’s a difference between what you ‘like’ and what you ‘enjoy.’

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