Moment of the Week: Monster – Tenma's "F#ck You"

The first three episodes of Monster are like a roller-coaster ride. Dr. Tenma, a Japanese doctor working in Germany is moving up the ranks. He is the Director’s favorite and is engaged to his daughter – he’s also head of surgery. Life is going good until one night a boy is brought in who’s been shot in the head and can only be saved by Tenma just before the mayor is brought in after a heart attack. Tenma goes against orders to help the parentless child who came in first, and the mayor ends up dying. Shit hits the fan.

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Anime Moment of the Week: Soul Plays Piano – Soul Eater

From relatively early on in Soul Eater, we are hinted that Soul is a pianist. At one point, Maka mentions how great his playing is and everyone is interested in hearing it. When the Maka team goes up against Mosquitto, the group soul resonance isn’t enough to help them. Soul says that he has read the beat of their soul resonance and can use his piano playing to enhance it. However, the viewer knows that he is planning to use the black blood power within him which could have adverse effects on all of them.

(make sure you click the HD button at the bottom)

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Anime Moment of the Week: Hajime no Ippo – Rocky's Overdrive

(Technically spoilers for Hajime no Ippo ep 30-something, but if you haven’t seen the show, it shouldn’t matter much)

Funeral and No Name were marathoning Hajime no Ippo for the past few days. I popped in randomly, catching about 8 eps between episodes 20 and 40 or so. Hajime no Ippo is an instantly lovable show chock full of great moments and memorable fights. Naturally, in true shounen spirit, every fight has revelations for the characters and epic moments of glory. I’d like to mention the most powerful among those I saw.

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