Anime, Manga, and Otaku Moments of 2009

So I didn’t watch anything that aired this year, but I still consumed a massive amount of anime, way more manga than I ever had before, and did a lot of great otaku activities. Whereas 2008 was about coming into my own as an otaku and getting more extreme, 2009 was about perfecting and exploring my otakudom so that I could gain a greater understanding for the culture and for individual works. Here were my top anime, manga, and otaku moments of 2009.

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Moment Highlight: Mobile Suit Gundam III Encounters In Space – Char Towed My Car!

(I have to apologize for the lack of screenshots, I watched this on DVD and my comp’s drive is broken, so bear with me and try remembering~)

Mobile Suit Gundam III Encounters In Space

So, I finally saw Encounters in Space today, having watched the first movie twice in the past year or so and only 2 weeks ago managed to finally get to Soldiers of Sorrow. Anyway, the film was great, and had probably one of the greatest endings in movie history, but since I’m sure enough has been said about it (and really, if you’ve seen it, you understand), I want to talk about another of my favorite scenes from the film.

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