My Secret Santa Stocking Stuffer Shows

So, Secret Santa! I sorta saw these shows some several months ago, but surely I’ve still got something to say about them.

I’m interested in knowing who my santa was, because it’s possible that they chose these shows out of reading my site and having a pretty good idea of who I am and what I like (a yuri fan who just started working full-time), or they may have just picked their two favorite Noitamina shows that I hadn’t seen yet.

Note that I was also recommended Perfect Blue, which I’d already seen, but apparently forgot to add to my MAL page. I sent a message to Reverse Thieves to tell my santa about this, but I never heard back from them, so I don’t know if the message got through, or if the santa just never came up with another recommendation.

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200 (+) Anime Worth Taking With Us Into the Next Decade

A Definitive Post On Yuri Trends That Will Hopefully Answer All Of Your Yuri-Related Questions (OR Why This Has Been The Most Awesome Couple of Years Ever In Exactly One Way)

Because I think there will be a lot going on in this post and I can think of like 5 different ways to start it, I’m breaking it into sections.


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