DigitalBoy Remembers Love Part One: The Explanation of Epic Rewatch

This is no doubt going to be a post of monumental proportions, seeing as it is a part of the epic journey, ties into my moments of the week, is a response post to another insanely epic post, and is sort of like my reintroduciton to anime in terms of total win for me. Today, mechafetish made a post essentially explaining how rewatching anime is, in fact, heaven, proved through hardcore philosophy and science, and talks about the insane amounts of times he rewatches things. The post was so inspirational to me that I had to post about it!

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Taking Requests and Choices – Episodic Experiment – VOTE NOW!

So, I want to do some episodic and/or semi-episodic blogging. However, I have a natural tendency to never watch anything airing, so it’s hard for me. I’d rather episodically blog a show that has already aired, but last time I tried that I made four of this blogs BEST POSTS EVER and got zero comments whatsoever (even with advertising.) So, instead of jumping into an episodic experiment only to get disappointed 3 eps in and stop, I want YOU to decide what show I should blog episodically. Just understand that if you make a request, you have an obligation to comment on the posts in the series!

You are aloud to request any show whether it be already aired, or airing right now, with the only barrier being that I actually want to watch it (to be disclosed after the request) anything I haven’t seen in the past 3 months or at all is fine.

Here’s some shows that I would like to episodically blog myself but won’t without pre-announced interest.

Episodically – Arjuna, Lain, Gunslinger Girl, SoulTaker, and Paranoia Agent

Semi-Episodically – Maria-sama ga Miteru (season 4), RahXephon, Kamichu!, and Texhnolyze

I hope to get some damn responses!

The God of Life is the Soul of the Earth OR The Wired in the Seeds of Life OR Myself in Anime Part Two: Every Eternity Gushes Forth the Majesty of the Present

There isn’t much I can actually say about Earth Maiden Arjuna, you’ll just have to o watch it yourself. NOW. GO WATCH IT. IMMEDIATELY. Even if you’ve seen it already, go watch it again. And again.

To say that I… liked Arjuna, that’s not really correct. I didn’t even love Arjuna. I am Arjuna. Yes, I’m pretty much just quoting the last part of the show, so you could even say that I’m only immitating it, but considering that this show coincides with my way of thinkings… in EVERY way, the phrase suits this situation the best. Like I said, there isn’t een much I can say about it if you’ve seen Arjuna then you’eev already seen everything I have to tell you. The reason I say to go watch it again is because you will be seeing this blog post. You will be seeing exactly what I want to say to you. And if you watch it and you don’t understand what I’m trying to say to you, keep watching it until you do if you care what I have to say. If you don’t, thats fine too, I’m not forcing myself on you or anything, but if you want to hear me, that’s how to do it.

For the sake of being a little more descriptive, I’ve seen a few other shows that were like this before. The first one was Evangelion which shocked me with how well it paralleled my way of thinking and then there was Boogiepop and Lain and Manabi Straight and most effectively ef ~a tale of memories~. And now there’s Arjuna, the best of the whole batch. And all I can say is ‘I am Arjuna’.

We barely remember who or what came before this precious moment,
We are Choosing to be here, right now. Hold on, stay inside…
This holy reality, this holy experience.
Choosing to be here in…
This body. This body holding me. Be my reminder here that I am not alone in
This body, this body holding me, feeling eternal all this pain is an illusion.


In this holy reality, in this holy experience. Choosing to be here in…
This body. This body holding me. Be my reminder here that I am not alone in
This body, this body holding me, feeling eternal all this pain is an illusion…

Twirling round with this familiar parable.
Spinning, weaving round each new experience.
Recognize this as a holy gift and, celebrate this
chance to be alive and breathing

This body holding me reminds me of my own mortality.
Embrace this moment. Remember. we are eternal.
all this pain is an illusion.

– Tool – Parabola