Even More Awesome EDs, ~2011 Edition

More EDs! These ones missed the first list for one or more of these reasons: I forgot about them; I didn’t want to include two from the same show; I counted it as not awesome enough because I was being a lazy dick; I haven’t actually seen the anime it comes from but know the ED by reputation.

TO MAKE THIS LIST, if I can actually think of how the song or video goes, it’s got a good bet.

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The Hardest Wall To Climb Is The Wall of Apologies (On Loving Things That You Used to Make Fun Of)

The more of anime culture that I consume, the lower my standards get – that’s how it looks from an outside perspective, but more accurately, the more that I consume, the more things I find to appreciate about everything I see. Not just anime, but music, too – I used to be pretty picky about what genres I would watch or listen to, and now I can safely say that there is no genre that I am incapable of enjoying on a case-by-case basis. I’ve found myself liking more and more shows that I wouldn’t have before and willing to listen to music that I couldn’t formerly tolerate. It is not always easy to branch into a genre you were previously uninterested in, but always rewarding – however, I have found that the hardest thing to get into is something more personal.

That is, anime and music that I formerly claimed to hate. Or if not hate, then whose fans I formerly looked down upon. I have striven to remove all of my elitism, but I’d be lying if I said i was done doing so, nor if I said that I didn’t used to be really, really elitist. I mean, hey, everyone wants to have at least someone to look down on, to instill a feeling that they are at least superior to that guy, but I can hardly kid myself like that. No one has ever told me that I had good taste, and no one ever will. There are genres of music and anime fandom (yes, genre of fandom) that I looked down on in the past, and far harder than merely breaking into a genre that I was formerly uninterested in is breaking into one that I formerly looked down on.

Actually I still am not sure if I hate this.

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10 Badass Anime Swords

Back in 2003 when I was fairly new to anime, I was all about swords. The shows that introduced me to the medium usually involved samurai and lots of fighting, so I considered the blade to be the ultimate weapon. I had always wanted to own a samurai sword back then, but my two younger brothers were cause for my mother to disallow it. I own a (rusty-ass) samurai sword now, and while I’m a bigger fan of guns these days, I still have a great love for the good-ol’ badass blades. I also just figured out how to break my posts into multiple pages and wanted to do a cracked.com-style post with it, so here goes my top 10 Badass Anime Swords!

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Bleach: The Diamond Dust Rebellion is a Steaming Pile of Shitty Ass Shit

What the fuck Baka-Raptor? You said that The Diamond Dust Rebellion was ‘almost the ultimate filler movie.’ Let me make a list of filler movies that were better than this one: every One Piece movie (even the silly first one), every Pokemon movie (even the Celebi and Jirachi ones), the Cowboy Bebop movie (which I didn’t even like), all of the Dragon Ball Z movies I’ve seen (at least they had random Disturbed songs in them! Though the only good part of Diamond Dust was the music), probably the Inuyasha movies (never finished the one I saw), the Yu Yu Hakusho movie, the Rurouni Kenshin movie, and if the Transformers movie counts as filler (I think it was actually considered part of the plot), then that too!

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Screw You Guys, Bleach Is Awesome. (Giant Fanboy Post) (Also, A Public Apology 2)

This post will be filled with some of my favoirte images and moments from the series

This post will be filled with some of my favorite images and moments from the series

This is mostly going to be a massive fanboy post, so I want to get some things out fast. Fuck everyone who says that Bleach ‘gets worse’. If you never liked Bleach, that’s fine with me, but if you think it only started sucking after the Soul Society arc, then fuck you. Why? Because Bleach has not changed ONE FUCKING BIT since the Soul Society arc. Maybe you dropped it too soon afterward to notice, or maybe you simply forgot what had happened in the first arcs, but either way, you are dead wrong if you think that anything has changed. The next arc has all of the same characters, the same character development, the same focus on battles, and the same attitude… what the hell has changed? How could you say that it could have ended after Soul Society when the whole arc was spent setting up for the betrayal of Aizen? The whole story is a cohesive narrative, so how could you just cut out half of it?

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Shounen Anime Adaptions Are a Lot Like American Football Games

Not a large percentage of anime fans are known to be sports fans, no doubt because a large percentage of anime fans aren’t known to be the physical type in the first place. I never played football as a kid; I played baseball in elementary school but I sucked hard at it and never really gave a chance to sports as a whole. As such, I wasn’t really interested in watching sports either, but a few years ago I had a revelation – theoretically, I should like watching football.

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