Baka-Raptor Is My Destined Rival

Baka-Raptor is my destined rival in anime blogging. We stand on opposite sides of a battlefield – a lolicon against an upstanding citizen; a man who demands ‘plot’ against a style hound; a self-depreciator against a self-aggrandizer (hint: I’m the latter). And yet, we are great friends, always offering inspiration and competition to one another.

…or so I believed.

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Divining Your Fandom – Why Most Blogs Talk About the Wrong Things

There’s been a recent trend in posts about jaded anime bloggers which has all-around rang quite true, and in response to it, drmchsr0 has also made a post asking the reader to really look at their beginnings as a fan and as a blogger and decide if they are really still into the fandom the way that they were, and whether or not they need to continue with it. But more than just figuring out if you should or shouldn’t still be watching anime and blogging, I’m interested in divining what you actually should be watching and what, exactly, you should be blogging.

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