Chara Design of the Week: Kawazoe Tamaki from Bamboo Blade

At first and maybe second glance, the Bamboo Blade character designs aren’t anything special. And they aren’t, really. Body-type wise, they are pretty much templates. The hairstyles are just the usual stuff with the usual strange colors. The faces reflect the personalities of the characters. In other words, it’s pretty standard anime fare. However, it is in some of those standards that Kawazoe Tamaki stands out.

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Character Design of the Week: Akari (Aria Series)


Character designs are very important. There are characters out there who exist solely based on their design. More than anything, it is what makes a character them. No matter how much a doujin or fanfiction may change their personality, the character design remains itself to define the identification of that character. I want to take the chance once a week to spotlight one of my favorite character designs. This week, after watching episode 8 of Aria the Natural which had a lot of focus on some key points of Akari’s design, I decided to post about her.

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