The Beginning and the End

So, the Winter season has come to an end and the Spring season has begun. I’ve covered some of the other winter shows that ended recently, so I’ve got a couple more as well as new beginnings. Namely season 2 of Code Fucking Geass!

Before that, though…

Hatenkou Yuugi comes to an end after 10 amazing episodes, never letting me down throughout it’s run. The ending leaves things wide open for continuation, though the direction things could go in are infinite, since the anime was pretty much random pieces of a 10-year-running 10-volume manga. I’ve already ordered the first two volumes of the manga, brought stateside under the name “Dazzle” and it’s sure to be a fun ride. My hopes for a second season are high since, as awesome as the show was, 10 episodes was hardly satiating. Like Jing, though, the series I compare it to most, it has a timeless unique quality that I can see myself coming back to for years.

Bamboo Blade had a beautiful ending, so that the last 4 eps were all something really special. for me this show is like Marimite (with less of a rocky start) in that it’s not necessarily a favorite, but it’s got lots of great characters and a well-paced fun story that you feel like you could watch forever. Second season FTW

And Finally, the one that’s gunna get my blog several hundred hits over the next 2 days XD

Code Geass R2 ep 1: Fucking nice! I had chills, man! haha! I find it funny how the first ep of S2 bore a striking resemblance to the first ep of S1, but in any case it surpassed it. The scene (you know the one) was just fucking perfect. Lelouche’s hand motions are incredible. Fuck, I want a gif of those hand motions! Animation was downright sick in this ep, and Kallen was hawt as ever, plus there was a C.C. boob shot : O Overall great start, even if it did exactly what everyone was scared of, suddenly skipping a year ahead and acting like nothing happened, but came back very well.