The Hardest Wall To Climb Is The Wall of Apologies (On Loving Things That You Used to Make Fun Of)

The more of anime culture that I consume, the lower my standards get – that’s how it looks from an outside perspective, but more accurately, the more that I consume, the more things I find to appreciate about everything I see. Not just anime, but music, too – I used to be pretty picky about what genres I would watch or listen to, and now I can safely say that there is no genre that I am incapable of enjoying on a case-by-case basis. I’ve found myself liking more and more shows that I wouldn’t have before and willing to listen to music that I couldn’t formerly tolerate. It is not always easy to branch into a genre you were previously uninterested in, but always rewarding – however, I have found that the hardest thing to get into is something more personal.

That is, anime and music that I formerly claimed to hate. Or if not hate, then whose fans I formerly looked down upon. I have striven to remove all of my elitism, but I’d be lying if I said i was done doing so, nor if I said that I didn’t used to be really, really elitist. I mean, hey, everyone wants to have at least someone to look down on, to instill a feeling that they are at least superior to that guy, but I can hardly kid myself like that. No one has ever told me that I had good taste, and no one ever will. There are genres of music and anime fandom (yes, genre of fandom) that I looked down on in the past, and far harder than merely breaking into a genre that I was formerly uninterested in is breaking into one that I formerly looked down on.

Actually I still am not sure if I hate this.

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The Problem With "Plot"

No spoilers in this post.

I wish I could honestly say that there was no genre which I didn’t enjoy, but that is sadly not true. There are two genres that I am not a big fan of: political stories and mystery thrillers. It’s not that I outright dislike these genres – there are works from each of them that I enjoy, although none that have a chance of being one of my favorites. If I like them, it’s for reasons other than those that tie them to their genre. The reason that those two genres happen to be my least favorite is that I have a problem with what we call ‘plot’.

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200 (+) Anime Worth Taking With Us Into the Next Decade

AMV Highlight – Light: Non-Objective Portrait of Karma

Note: This AMV DOES NOT contain spoilers. Also it may help to scroll down and read the lyrics first.

Contrary to somewhat popular belief, there are a whole lot of really great AMVs out there. Most of the celebrated ones involve intense digital editing and ridiculous high quality. However, there are some AMVs that succeed in simplicity. Today’s choice is a video that breaks several AMV taboos with great success.

Non-Objective Portrait of Karma by Circle Takes the Square and Death Note

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Incredibly Awkward Production – Uninhabited Planet Survive

The last shot of the op

The last shot of the op

I just watched the first episode of Uninhabited Planet Survive and I’ve got to say, it was incredibly awkward. Various elements just felt off. In spite of the story and episode both being totally generic, this has it’s own reasons for being unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

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