Digiboy’s Character Database of Love ~Avatar Edition~ 29. Toph Bei Fong & 30. Zuko

This is the fifteenth post in Digiboy’s Character Database of Love. Avatar isn’t an anime, but I enjoy it the way I do anime, including the way I love the characters. Some things will be a little different for this post because I can’t use MAL nor ANN as resources.

29. Toph Bei Fong – Avatar: the Last Airbender

Voice Actress: Jessie Flower (Performance: 4.5/5)

Character Design: It’s probably surprising to no one that my favorite character in the show was the loli, but there’s more to what makes Toph great than my love of cute young geniuses. Toph is blind, which not only means she has cool-looking eyes, but that she can freely wear her hair in front of her face and it isn’t annoying. (Note that Avatar smartly keeps hair out of almost all eyes! That makes it even better when she’s allowed to have it!) Toph is often looking off into nowhere while talking since she wouldn’t know where a face was to look at it, which I thought was a very nice attention to detail (consistent, too). In combination of her blindness and her personality, she creates all kinds of excellent faces, including some great slasher smiles.

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Digiboy’s Character Database of Love – 25. Rail Tracer & 26. Yunocchi

This is the thirteenth post in Digiboy’s Character Database of Love. I finally burned through all of the character submissions by ghostlightning and robert weizer—if you’d like to submit a character to the database as well, send me an email about it.

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