This is Bikko, and You Can Help Us Bring Her To Life

This is Bikko. She’s around 19 years old. Her right eye and left leg were lost in an accident, and her eye has gotten pretty bad since. Even though she has to use a crutch or a wheelchair to get around, Bikko is a guitarist and singer in a punk-rock band. She is also a prostitute on the side, since she doesn’t hold a normal job. However, Bikko is always in high spirits (her love of marijuana helps~) and she has a very bright outlook on life. She usually wears an easy smile on her face and just goes with the flow, wherever it takes her. She likes simple clothes, especially boys clothes and punk styles, and her hair has gone white from the stress of her condition, though one section has remained black. She is a heavy smoker and likes a drink as much as you might expect. Her little apartment is a bit of a mess, and her cats always running around, but it’s very homely. Sometimes, she hangs out with her high-school younger sister, and they have a smoke together. These are the facts about Bikko. These are all we know.

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Zen of the Zetsubou Girls 2: Abiru Kobushi

A post in the “Zen of the Zetsubou Girls” series.

Digiboy and Akiyuki Shinbo here, once again, to bring you our thoughts on the Zetsubou girls and what makes them so damn hot! Today we have Abiru Kobushi who, in stark contrast to the last girl, is very easy to find pornographic images of. Abiru appeals to quite a few fetishes, so I look forward to diving into her!

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