Fucking MADLAX Episode 14

Fucking Madlax is finally back! I apologize for the extended absence, which had nothing to do with my mom’s health (on the steady incline) and everything to do with my being lazy. That’s all behind us now, so let’s tackle Madlax fourteen!

Right off the bat, this episode pulls lame shit very common to anime, though never acceptable; that is, constant replays of shit we’ve just seen minutes ago.

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Star Driver 14 – Mouth of the Manticore

Sometime between watching episodes 13 and 14, I found out Manticore is played by Hirohashi Ryou and my mind was blown. Up until last year, Hirohashi had usually been playing quiet, reserved-yet-determined types like Tama-chan in Bamboo Blade, Rakka in Haibane Renmei, and Alice Carroll in Aria. As of last year, she burst out with some roles like Shiraishi Lily in Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou and now Maticore which are totally different and equally lovely. As You Marino, I can more easily tell that it’s her, but when she turns into Manticore it’s like a whole new, sexy person. I love this continuing trend where Hirohashi is my favorite or one of my favorite characters in every show she’s in.

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