When You See It, You’ll Shit Bricks – Look-Alike Roles

One of my most memorable moments as a fan came last October while watching Beyblade: Metal Fusion dubbed on Cartoon Network early one morning. The character whose image you see above, named Daidouji, was on the screen, and I joked that “he looks like he’d be played by Koyasu Takehito in the Japanese version.” Realizing that Koyasu is in everything and it might not be such a stretch, I then researched the matter and was stunned to find that he was, in fact, voiced by Koyasu.

The only thing I had to go on with this guess was the character’s appearance. Koyasu just happens to have an assload of characters that look exactly alike. Check out a few of these to see the image I had in my head when I pinned him as the voice of Daidouji.

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Soul Eater Catch-up (1-41) "Madness and Discord Awaits"… "I Can't Wait!"

I’ve spent the past five or so days watching all the currently available Soul Eater episodes (hence my lack of posting in this time) and creating another connundrum on my MAL profile (47 eps? oh god, I can hear the comments already…) Back when the show was airing, I watched the first 6 episodes and was very torn with my thoughts about it. Most of this sprang from the show’s lack of direction in the beginning and a few lackluster early episodes. However, those episodes seemed better on the rewatch (possibly my lowered expectations?) and then once the show’s proverbial ball started rolling, it’s been consistently kickass.

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