I’ve Finally, Truly, Honestly Given Up On Ranked Favorites Lists

About fucking time, right? I’ve been obsessing over how to make a ranked favorites list for years, and I’ve done it a lot of different ways. At the end of 2010 I did a Top 100 and said I’d update it once a month from then on. I didn’t update it at the end of January because I hardly watched any anime that month, but come the end of February, I’d have to edit it to include Cardcaptor Sakura.

Before I even looked at my list, I asked myself a simple question: can I honestly decide whether I like Cardcaptor Sakura more or less than FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood? The answer is no. If I were in the process of making a list, I’d probably just arbitrarily list them next to one-another, but I don’t care to do that.

Rejoice! Art by harepore

The Top 100 was a magnum opus. It was the last ranked list I ever needed to make, and I’m satisfied with that. I really don’t want to go through the process anymore. I’ve almost completely stopped making favorites lists, actually, just because it’s finally reached the saturation point of repetitiveness for me, and at this point, I’m very, very confident in what shows I like most, not needing to list them that way.

The biggest reason I was obsessed with ranked lists was that I always feared that if the shows weren’t in a proper order, then people wouldn’t understand that I liked one show more than another. These days, I honestly like all of my favorites about the same. I can’t even say that I’ve got a “favorite anime”—now, I just focus on obsessing over one show at a time (you can tell when I’m doing it because my site banner changes again lol).

Accordingly, I changed my favorites page to an alphabetized list (with writing again!), though I’ll leave the image version of the Top 100 at the bottom for memory’s sake (and for Chii).

Digiboy's Character Database of Love – 1. Orihara Izaya & 2. Kuhouin Murasaki

Twice in the past, I’ve blogged extensive lists of my top 100 favorite anime characters, and I’ve regretted the decision to set that 100 limit for a while; partly because a favorite character list is bound to transform every time I finish a show, and also because I love a lot more than 100 characters.

For eight months now, I’ve seen Chii of Oishii Anime run her ‘365 Days of Anime Characters‘ series, which is very admirable, even if I wouldn’t personally want to talk about characters that I dislike alongside those I love. I’ve also been jealous of Glothelegend’s character page on Eye Sedso, wherein he selects his favorite character from every anime that he’s watched and talks about them.

I can’t do what either of them have done, because I only want to talk about my favorite characters, and I want to do more than one per show. Of course, a post series like this would get boring if I didn’t liven it up and innovate somehow, so I hope you’ll enjoy the formula I’ve come up with for these posts. I’m setting them to go up once a week, indefinitely.

Each post will contain two characters selected randomly off the top of my head. The numbers are just for archiving purposes. If you don’t know the character, you can click on their names to get some basic information.

1. Orihara Izaya – Durarara!!

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The Step Between 'Favorites' and 'Obsessions'

I’m sure it happens to all of us – we watch an anime, and it completely bowls us over in it’s awesomeness. The show changes our perspective on how great anime can be and effects us on emotional and personal levels we may not have thought possible, etc. After watching a show like this, we might have to totally redo our favorites list just because this show rocked so hard, we have to wonder if the rest of our favorites deserve to compare, even if we can’t figure out if we can really put something above the shows that we’ve been obsessing over for years.

I’ve tried to beat this problem by constantly evolving and changing my favorites list to always reflect my current emotions, and the biggest way I did this was the creation of my ‘heart’ and ‘head’ scores. These scores were basically made to account for ‘obsession.’ When I watched Infinite Ryvius, I reacted in the way described above, but I instantly knew that I wouldn’t be ‘obsessed’ with it. I created the heart/head split so I could still express how amazed I was by Infinite Ryvius and give it a ’10’ without having to compromise the fact that the show didn’t hold the same standing in my heart that, say, Toradora did.

Now I’m looking at this on another new front, and I’m starting to think that maybe all of these favorites shouldn’t be on the same list at all. Now, I’m thinking of a divide not between ‘head’ and ‘heart’, but a divide between ‘favorite’ and ‘obsession.’

How come *I* must know where obsession needs to go?

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