Screw You Guys, Bleach Is Awesome. (Giant Fanboy Post) (Also, A Public Apology 2)

This post will be filled with some of my favoirte images and moments from the series

This post will be filled with some of my favorite images and moments from the series

This is mostly going to be a massive fanboy post, so I want to get some things out fast. Fuck everyone who says that Bleach ‘gets worse’. If you never liked Bleach, that’s fine with me, but if you think it only started sucking after the Soul Society arc, then fuck you. Why? Because Bleach has not changed ONE FUCKING BIT since the Soul Society arc. Maybe you dropped it too soon afterward to notice, or maybe you simply forgot what had happened in the first arcs, but either way, you are dead wrong if you think that anything has changed. The next arc has all of the same characters, the same character development, the same focus on battles, and the same attitude… what the hell has changed? How could you say that it could have ended after Soul Society when the whole arc was spent setting up for the betrayal of Aizen? The whole story is a cohesive narrative, so how could you just cut out half of it?

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Canaan vs. Black Lagoon: A Battle of Battles – Don't F This Up (1)

A post in the “Don’t Fuck This Up” series. In reply to comment number 8, by Ghostlightning.

Canaan and Black Lagoon are without a doubt two of the most badass gun-slinging action anime ever produced. The two series have some similarities such as their high production values, dark urban setting, mostly female-dominated action, and, of course, boatloads (u-boatloads, even) of violence. That all said, the action scenes in both shows feature very different choreography from one another, which I will now explore.

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