Finding Favorites in Fanon – Why I Can't Feel the Need to Post About Touhou

I’ve been playing/listening to a lot of Touhou-related stuff in the past few days, and I began to think about why it was that I never feel compelled to post about anything from this franchise, which is without a doubt one of my favorites. What makes Touhou so fun is, of course, only a little bit to do with the canonical games, and more to do with the endless whirlpool of series fanon. Looking through Touhou-related goods, you could find something to say ‘woah, that’s badass!’ about just about every minute of every day, but if I love to post about things I find awesome so much, then what’s with the lack of Touhou posts? And then I realized that it is simply because I have nothing to add to them.

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Artist Highlight: ban akira – The Dark Side of the Scarlet Family


On one of my other artist highlights, ETERNAL commented that he was surprised to see Remillia Scarlet actually acting like a vampire instead of looking all moe. I found this a little funny, since the dark side is how I know the Scarlet family. I first got interested in Touhou when I kept running into Remillia pictures when I was searching the tag ‘blood’ (don’t ask), and seeing this captivating, dark beauty. Remillia has always been my favorite Touhou girl because of her tendency to be in dark images (which I love). So I decided I’d do my next artist highlight on someone who delights in depicting the Scarlet family in a darker way (as well as others like Hatsune Miku – yes, there is a trend in my artist highlights!) ban akira is an amazing artist, which makes me pissed that I couldn’t find a pixiv account or anything like it. You’ll have to settle for gelbooru.

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Artist Highlight: Hironox – Dark, Moody Red and Blue (kira~*)


This is a great victory! I finally found a damn pixiv account! However, better still, one of the links on that account led me to something even more awesome – a Drawr account. I had never heard of this until now but it took me all of 10 seconds to figure out this is an artist version of Twitter! It’s got an RSS feed too, which is extremely awesome as I won’t have to remember to go check their profile every so long. Hironox seems to use it to post speed paints, as they are mostly quite rough, and his more complete works are posted on pixiv. For those of you not up for navigating a Japanese site, here’s a booru link. Anyway, here are some of my favorite Hironox works.

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