Great Scenes in Anime 1: Gakuen Alice ep. 8 – "Can I Call You Jii-chan?"

This is the first in a post series I’ve been hoping/trying to do for a long time, called “Great Scenes in Anime”. As the name implies, it’s a series dedicated to taking a deeper look at some of my favorite scenes in anime. For the most part, these won’t be those big scenes that everyone knows, like character deaths, endings, etc. – instead, they’ll be smaller but meaningful moments that many wouldn’t stop and consider on their way through a series. I’ve been gathering a collection of scenes for a long time, but today I’ll cover one that I just watched from Gakuen Alice episode 8.

If you’ve already seen this episode, you can skip down to the parenthesis below or skim the summary to refresh your memory.

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200 (+) Anime Worth Taking With Us Into the Next Decade

Surprisingly Insightful – Anime Insider vol. 64, January 09


There were three initial factors that got me into anime – Ninja Scroll, Cowboy Bebop, and the very first volume of Anime Invasion, which has a list of everything deleted from the dubbed DBZ, a lost of all the Gundam shows, a Macross episode guide, and more. The magazine later changed it’s name to Anime Insider and over the years I grew to consider it a magazine for anime n00bs. However, when I picked up the latest volume, I was actually impressed by the content.

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