The Hardest Wall To Climb Is The Wall of Apologies (On Loving Things That You Used to Make Fun Of)

The more of anime culture that I consume, the lower my standards get – that’s how it looks from an outside perspective, but more accurately, the more that I consume, the more things I find to appreciate about everything I see. Not just anime, but music, too – I used to be pretty picky about what genres I would watch or listen to, and now I can safely say that there is no genre that I am incapable of enjoying on a case-by-case basis. I’ve found myself liking more and more shows that I wouldn’t have before and willing to listen to music that I couldn’t formerly tolerate. It is not always easy to branch into a genre you were previously uninterested in, but always rewarding – however, I have found that the hardest thing to get into is something more personal.

That is, anime and music that I formerly claimed to hate. Or if not hate, then whose fans I formerly looked down upon. I have striven to remove all of my elitism, but I’d be lying if I said i was done doing so, nor if I said that I didn’t used to be really, really elitist. I mean, hey, everyone wants to have at least someone to look down on, to instill a feeling that they are at least superior to that guy, but I can hardly kid myself like that. No one has ever told me that I had good taste, and no one ever will. There are genres of music and anime fandom (yes, genre of fandom) that I looked down on in the past, and far harder than merely breaking into a genre that I was formerly uninterested in is breaking into one that I formerly looked down on.

Actually I still am not sure if I hate this.

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So Much Hate? DigitalBoy's Least Favorites and Dropped List

I have gotten lots of crap, questions, and curiosity over my apparent intense hatred of Nanoha. It’s true, I consider Nanoha to be BY FAR the worst 12-ep+ show I’ve ever completed. Now, that sounds VERY extreme, I know. However, Nanoha is not even anywhere near the worst or my least favorite anime ever. I might talk a lot of shit about it, but I gave it like a 4 or a 5 – not even a particularly low score. It’s ‘just below average’ even. But you have to understand – I have only a handful of shows – little to none of a length over 5 episodes – that I have actually completed and hated. That’s because, if MAL is to be trusted, and if we can assume I will ever get back to everything I have on hold, I have approximately 120 dropped shows.

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