December's Forty Fandoms – Part One: Rie Kugimiya + Introduction

Introduction: Last night, during a conversation with Ghostlightning, I found myself unable to really remember everything I blogged about this year or everything I watched, to which he replied that ‘you need help.’ He also pointed out my huge number of posts, though, noting that I had probably written ‘about 200 posts this year.’ He was dead wrong, though, because as of (but not including) this posting I have written 323 posts in 2009. I made a joke about how I ‘could do forty-two posts by the end of the year for a 1:1 post-to-day ratio’, and since jokes about this blog have a startling habit of becoming reality, I decided I really wanted that ratio.

So here’s the deal – it’s too early for my top 100 anime list to be ready, but hey, why should I have to talk about individual works? After all, while I’m a fan of many anime, my top 40 shows hardly coincide with the ‘top 40 things I’m a fan of.’ That’s the purpose of this list – I’ve taken all my fandoms and put them in order of how big of a fan I am to create a top 40. So what you’ll see is directors, shows, franchises, actors, and so forth, placed together in a big list. The only thing you WON’T see is music – the way I think about music is too different from the way I think about other media, so it’s not here. If any of that’s confusing, then just read the posts, and it should all come together.

Because this is a list of fandoms, it can be difficult to talk coherently about, so I’m going to use a format. I’ll talk about 1. The History of My Fandom, 2. The Reasons For My Fandom, 3. The Nature of My Fandom (this will be seen more further down the list.) 4. The Level of My Fandom. So let’s get started!

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100 Characters For 100 Otaku (Part Eight: 65-61)

The eighth post in “100 Characters For 100 Otaku.”

It’s “100 Characters for 100 Otaku” part eight! Back in the comments to part one, Ghostlightning predicted that the series would end after the eighth part. Little does he know that the ninth one is already written and queued up! But that’s tomorrow’s news – today, we’ve got numbers 65 down through 61 to play with. So let’s have some fun!

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Defining My Fandom – What I Like More Than Anyone Else OR Oh My God, It's the Return of the Hayate Titles! OR Hey Guys What if I Finally Decided to One-Up My Former Longest Post Title? You Know, That One About Gurren Lagann and Stuff but Really Had Nothing to do With the Post? I Really Liked That Post Title. So Yeah, Lets Go for That. Though it's Going to Lay Waste to My Comment Thingy in the Left Hand Column, Especially if There's Like 5 Consecutive Comments. But Whatever, it's Worth the Reprecussion – OR Digital Boy Gets Indy – the Forgotten Parts of Your Lost Destiny

This is probably going to be one of my favorite lists ever. I want to list all of the things that probably mean more to me than they do to most people, some of which only I seem to ever talk about. These are some of my absolute favorite anime things, period – the kinds of things that make me an otaku. These are what I believe everyone else is missing out on. My most personal, precious anime treasures. They range everywhere from moments of dialogue to entire shows and occasionally artworks or others – and while I tried to exclude things that too many others would appreciate, some of these I’m sure are recognized by at least a cult support.

Originally, I was going to do this as a series of 4 or 5 large posts, but I decided it’d be more fun to do an individual small post for each thing – possibly grouping some together. So for today, we have the Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter Titles!

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