Rebuild of Evangelion 2.22 – You Can [NOT] Understand… So Here's A Diatribe On My Perception

The immediate satisfaction of watching 2.22 is finally not being in the dark anymore. Now I can go back and read all those fun-looking posts, and can stop worrying about whether or not I will like Makinami Mari Illustrious and fap to all that damn porn already. (My eyes were in pain the entire time I watched this movie. I was a little disappointed when I found out that my recent eye defectiveness is a side effect of the medication I’m taking, because I was sort of looking forward to wearing a pair of red spectacles around and referring to myself as a ‘meganekko.’ Although I doubt I could be so bold as to wear Mari’s lovely pair of extra eyes.) I also don’t have to feel behind the times, envious of those Japanese bastards and all the cuntwaffles who watched the camrips. It was worth holding off to get to watch this in glorious 1080p. I watched it with my younger brother, who saw Evangelion with me, dubbed, in a single day, 4 years ago (when I was ‘14 and so fucked up‘) and understandably, not unlike myself, has only vague memories of it. I’ve rewatched bits and pieces of Eva here and there, and I’ve seen almost everything time and again in AMVs and the like, but I’ve still yet to give it a proper rewatch. (End of Eva, though, I’ve seen several times, as it is one of my top 5-or-so favorite anime). After 2.22 I’m really not sure if I’ll want to watch the original again, haha. In any case, my brother was on the edge of his seat, especially at the end, and then spent minutes raving about how ‘This is like if you fused Evangelion with Gurren Lagann!’ (his favorite show) and then declared it ‘one of his favorite things ever.’ It’s too bad the boy can’t write.

By the way, you may have figured it out already, but I still feel like I have to formally warn you: this is going to be one of those posts. Also, there will be massive fucking spoilers.

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Image Accreditation: Necessity Through the Filter of Reason.

This image belongs to the artist Hironox. His pixiv is here: his Drawr is here:

This image belongs to the artist Hironox. His pixiv is here: his Drawr is here:

I am making this post because I am of the opinion that if you want people to support your cause, you shouldn’t insult their intelligence. The cause being brought to attention here is OFP – Online Fanart Protection. Basically, the gist is that Japanese artists don’t like how American bloggers use their images in posts without permission or accreditation. I support the movement for accreditation, but only within the boundaries of reason.

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Hatsune Miku "The Gods of Olympus Have Abandoned Me" – Moar Hironox


Hironox, whom I did a cumulative post on before, seems to have hit a major patch of inspiration or something as he releases yet another great speedpaint onto drawr. While I say speedpaint, I don’t think hironox did this fast at all, seeing his production video, but I must say it is extremely worth watching. For this image, Hironox comes into it with the idea already of Hatsune Miku in this pose standing on the edge of a building. What really amazes me is how chaotic this image begins. He draws huge blobs of one color in various places and then draws lines over them, covering the excess with the next coat. For a few minutes, the image is totally unidentifiable until it gradually shapes into what you see above. Hironox seems to confirm my suspicion that he is a total perfectionist and he completely redesigns Miku’s face something like 30 times in the process of creating this picture.

(It’s worht noting that when I first saw this picture, the first line from ‘God of War’ immediately entered my mind, as seen in the title)

Hironox also posted a comment on someone else’s badass Spawn image and for those who don’t know, a drawr comment involves yourself drawing a badass picture. All of the images in this post are fucking great, and Hironox’s notably stands out because while everyone else is using the usual Spawn style of harsh lines and detail, his is more simplistic and bright and most notably isn’t a picture of Spawn himself. The reply the next guy gives him is also pretty fucking badass looking.

Black Rock Shooter Speedpaint by Hironox – Why Drawr is Amazing


When I did my artist highlight post on Hironox, I found his Drawr account and linked to it. At that time, I also subscribed to his drawr’s RSS feed. It’s been a while, but today he posted this speedpaint of Black Rock Shooter. That’s when I discovered something that makes drawr awesome – by clicking on the image in it’s individual page you can watch the whole speedpaint! It’s pretty interesting and amazing to watch just how much goes into creating this picture. Most interesting is how hironox mixes opacities to create his own colors and uses layer after layer to get the right effect. The picture totally changes several times during it’s creation until it becomes what’s seen above. I had fun watching it, but I warn that even though it’s in fast forward you’ll be strapped into this thing for more than 20 minutes, so I suggest you be ready.

EDIT: Actually, if you scroll over the image, you can skip to different parts in the process and up the speed! FUCKING COOL!

Artist Highlight: Hironox – Dark, Moody Red and Blue (kira~*)


This is a great victory! I finally found a damn pixiv account! However, better still, one of the links on that account led me to something even more awesome – a Drawr account. I had never heard of this until now but it took me all of 10 seconds to figure out this is an artist version of Twitter! It’s got an RSS feed too, which is extremely awesome as I won’t have to remember to go check their profile every so long. Hironox seems to use it to post speed paints, as they are mostly quite rough, and his more complete works are posted on pixiv. For those of you not up for navigating a Japanese site, here’s a booru link. Anyway, here are some of my favorite Hironox works.

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