[Podcast] Digibro Never Shuts Up, Episode 1

As explained inside, I decided to do a podcast because I have a tendency to go on long rants and tangents all the time, and my friends said I should try to capture these on recordings. Now that I have the equipment for it I want to give it a shot, especially because there are certain things that I feel come off as too wooden and lifeless in my writing, compared to how they are in my speech.

What’s in the episode:

00:00 – Opening Song: On the Yacht With You by Trial of the Golden Witch

00:27 – Introduction

01:34 – “The Emo/Country Conundrum”

13:20 – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

28:33 – A Ridiculously Long Discussion About Anime DVDs

01:05:41 – Closing Song: Beef Lo Mein And You by Trial of the Golden Witch

If you want to be a guest on this show, contact me! I hope to do an episode a week.

Influentially Long-Ass Manga

There are some seriously, seriously long-ass manga out there, and a lot of them are really great. There are some like Golgo 13 and Detective Conan that have been doing the same thing for decades and are still going strong, which is cool. There are also those with a continuing story that keep on truckin’, and some serious long-runners that ended somewhere along the line like the Dragonball saga. I want to talk about three long-running manga series that are very influential to me and what makes them so.

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 1: Head-Explodingly Manly

I’ve been meaning to read Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure for a while since it is pretty much THE legendary shounen manga. Especially seeing as it’s Andrew Cunningham’s favorite manga, and crowned by him as the manliest manga ever written. This is probably an understatement. All the universe’s concentrated manliness does not match up to Jojo. This series is, by far, the manliest creation of mankind’s history. Manlier than haggis. Manlier than Vikings and the Scottish combined. Manlier, perhaps, than even Odin. In the dictionary, ‘manliness’ should be defined as ‘a singel page of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Take a look here. This is a couple of pages from when Jojo’s team fights Jack the Ripper.

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