The Ultimate Love-At-First-Sight Scene in Kemonozume Ep. One

Kemonozume’s opening scene kicks off by introducing us viewers to a race of man-eating demons called the Kemonozume, who take the form of human beings and lead normal lives apart from the fact that they subsist on eating people. After the OP, the first scene (which feels like a total sendout to every two-guys-talking scene from any Tarantino or Guy Richie film) is a dialog between two man-eaters on the subject of eating people itself, beginning with one of the guys stating that he ‘only eats cute girls’. The conversation is brilliantly written in that it is ground into real conversational habits and lines that make the inhuman subject matter wholly relatable.

It also teaches us a lot about the way the Kemonozume think – eating people is primarily subsistence, but different people have¬†different¬†tastes, and the act of eating someone can be more than just an act of consumption. The guy who eats only females makes it quite clear that he takes incredible pleasure in doing so, and that there are some definite sexual reasons for it. He talks about a girl who he had met that was ‘totally his type’ and states…

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