How To Watch Kure-nai And Like It

Kure-nai is one of my favorite shows and features the best writing of any anime I’ve seen; however, it’s an understandably difficult show to get into, and many of those who watched it back in 2008 strongly disliked it. I’ve read many of the problems people had, and a lot of them make sense, but are also largely based on misunderstandings. Of course, I don’t expect everyone to like the show; I get that we all have different tastes, and especially with an oddball series like this, it’s just not going to click with some people. However, I’d at least like to help your chances by telling you some things that helped me enjoy the show more when I first completed it.

This is my Guide To Enjoying Kure-nai On Your First Try.

I likes what I sees!

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Digiboy's Character Database of Love – 1. Orihara Izaya & 2. Kuhouin Murasaki

Twice in the past, I’ve blogged extensive lists of my top 100 favorite anime characters, and I’ve regretted the decision to set that 100 limit for a while; partly because a favorite character list is bound to transform every time I finish a show, and also because I love a lot more than 100 characters.

For eight months now, I’ve seen Chii of Oishii Anime run her ‘365 Days of Anime Characters‘ series, which is very admirable, even if I wouldn’t personally want to talk about characters that I dislike alongside those I love. I’ve also been jealous of Glothelegend’s character page on Eye Sedso, wherein he selects his favorite character from every anime that he’s watched and talks about them.

I can’t do what either of them have done, because I only want to talk about my favorite characters, and I want to do more than one per show. Of course, a post series like this would get boring if I didn’t liven it up and innovate somehow, so I hope you’ll enjoy the formula I’ve come up with for these posts. I’m setting them to go up once a week, indefinitely.

Each post will contain two characters selected randomly off the top of my head. The numbers are just for archiving purposes. If you don’t know the character, you can click on their names to get some basic information.

1. Orihara Izaya – Durarara!!

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200 (+) Anime Worth Taking With Us Into the Next Decade

Surprisingly Insightful – Anime Insider vol. 64, January 09


There were three initial factors that got me into anime – Ninja Scroll, Cowboy Bebop, and the very first volume of Anime Invasion, which has a list of everything deleted from the dubbed DBZ, a lost of all the Gundam shows, a Macross episode guide, and more. The magazine later changed it’s name to Anime Insider and over the years I grew to consider it a magazine for anime n00bs. However, when I picked up the latest volume, I was actually impressed by the content.

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Oh shit, it's Spring 08 Impressions Time!

w00t! It’s time for Spring season impressions! Despite my bitching that I almost never manage to keep up with the current season, I’ve been doing better than ever this season! There have been a few shows with some real potential and only 2 that I dropped after 1 episode (although there are a couple I just straight-up haven’t checked out, such as the harems, shoujo, and lol GONZO)

My list takes place in the order of awesomeness at which I hold the shows currently. (note that Code Geass R2 is exempt from the list since I already did my impression, and having another season to go on is cheating.

1. Kyouran Kazuko Nikki

This was fun, funny, and energetic. I can already tell these characters are going to be fun and endearing and it definitely takes the cake in the writing department this season. I like comedy that talks fast, makes you laugh, and quickly traps you in it’s plot and this show does it perfectly. This could potentially be some A-grade stuff. Also, it’s apparently a light-novel adaption which is usually a good thing.

2. Soul Eater

I have a secret. I am actually a fan of shounen action – when done right. And this is that, plus it’s BONES. From all the BONES I’ve seen, I’ve only been failed once (Kurau) and so far Soul Eater is continuing BONES’ winning streak. The battles are intense and well-directed, the characters are likeable, and most importantly they get to the point. When it comes to shounen action, there are usually only a handfull of pitfalls that prevent my enjoyment, and when a show like this dodges them all, I’m in for the ride.

3. Kure-nai

The season’s resident holy shit high-budget show. After 2 episodes it hasn’t shown us any semblance of what exactly is going to happen, but it’s been damn-fine entertainment. Any combination of great animation and writing gets my praise, especially when it has a super-adorable little girl and her fun oniisan.

4. Zettai Karen Children

This would’ve been number 3 if the second episode hadn’t sucked HARD. Seriously, it was horrible. The first ep had great entertainment factor, fun, some potentially cool characters, and good pacing, plus felt very reminiscent of Hayate (being the same studio and all) but ep 2 was plain godawful. The show had better pull back up to at least ep 1 level if I’m to keep watching.

5. Golgo 13

This show doesn’t exactly seem like it would be my kind of show, but it is somehow. Possibly because it’s the most manly thin I’ve seen since Cobra and I guess I need something like that every once in a while. Golgo is just fucking insanely badass. He fucks bitches, puts holes in people’s heads, scares the shit out of everyone who’s heard of him, and always keeps the same straight face. A real man.

6. Kamen no Maid Guy

The pacing and animation were both totally horrible in the first episode, and there weren’t any really good jokes but I laugheed like a fucking madman. Maid Guy is just perfect. He’s so fucking evil it’s rediculous. I just love it. It’s one of those inexplainable awesomenesses.

7. Allison to Lillia

This show seems like it would be something I’d get into, I just really haven’t yet. It’s a lot like Nadia so far, which was very much in the same boat with me – the second ep was pretty consistently entertaining though so I’ll keep with it probably till the end.


Vampire Knight (halfway through ep one) Wagaya no Oinari-sama (after ep 1). Both were pretty uninspired and cliche.