Astarotte no Omocha 1 Exceeds My High Expectations

While making my season preview post, I noticed that Astarotte no Omocha was based on the manga Lotte no Omocha by Haga Yui, a porn artist that I really like, so I decided to check out the manga. I really enjoyed the manga, and the anime has shown itself to be an excellent adaption as of the first episode.

I’m going to get this out of the way now: I don’t really care what you think about this show. I know that this series has a big target painted on it, but there’s no deep or interesting reason I’m expecting anyone to have for disliking it. So please, if you don’t like this show, just don’t comment on this post. Don’t talk to me about the show. I don’t want to hear it. I like the show, I’m going to talk about why, and if you disagree, I really don’t care to argue about it.

What I was worried about with this adaption was that it wouldn’t capture the mature air of the manga that plays a big part in why I love it. Lotte no Omocha is cute and fun, but it’s also very intelligent, which is what separates it from expectation. (Mind you, I don’t make high demands of manga, but I also don’t read anything just for the fanservice. I’ve dropped manga with much more attractive characters and artwork because they were stupid as hell.)

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