When You See It, You’ll Shit Bricks – Look-Alike Roles

One of my most memorable moments as a fan came last October while watching Beyblade: Metal Fusion dubbed on Cartoon Network early one morning. The character whose image you see above, named Daidouji, was on the screen, and I joked that “he looks like he’d be played by Koyasu Takehito in the Japanese version.” Realizing that Koyasu is in everything and it might not be such a stretch, I then researched the matter and was stunned to find that he was, in fact, voiced by Koyasu.

The only thing I had to go on with this guess was the character’s appearance. Koyasu just happens to have an assload of characters that look exactly alike. Check out a few of these to see the image I had in my head when I pinned him as the voice of Daidouji.

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Finish or Fail 3 – Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

Neuro is certainly different. Even though it’s a horror anime, it has very bright and vibrant colors. Even though it is a detective mystery, the criminal is always blatantly obvious from the start of the episode. Even though it is a shounen series, it is in no way friendly and is in every way disturbing. The many eccentricities of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro are what make it a very fun watch. However, depending on the viewer, they may not be enough to hold the show afloat. Before I even get started, I want to give a shout-out – Baka-Raptor, if you read this, this show is for you. I want to see your thoughts on it.

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200 (+) Anime Worth Taking With Us Into the Next Decade

Top 20 Shows You Suck For Not Seeing

There are plenty of anime that I’m sure you know about which everyone likes, and you’d probably suck ass for not seeing. However, there are also a number of shows that no one has seen, thereby making everyone suck ass. This is my top 20 list. If you’ve seen them, give yourself a pat on the back, you kick the ass of everyone else. I am hoping that people will use this post as sort of a kind of guide. Next time you are looking for something to watch, come to this list.

WARNING: May depress Ghostlightning

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