Otakon 2010 Post One: The Haul

I’m gonna be segmenting my Otakon coverage, partly because the thing as a whole is so massive, and partly because I want the sense of accomplishment from writing an Otakon post tonight without the incredible amount of work it’d take to do it all at once. So first up, I’ll start with the easy stuff: my haul.

Here's all of it together~

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A Certain Scientific Railgun ep. 2 – The Dejectedness of Kuroko

(200 screenies here) Railgun episode two has solidified Kuroko as my favorite character of the season, as well as proven her place of equal importance to Misaka in this story. Ordinarily, when a joke is overused in an episode I grow tired of it, but I realized before long that the joke here was the actual point of the episode, and in the end I felt it was very solid. Now I want to get into the bones of it.

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