In Which I Acknowledge The Mistakes of My Youth – Queen's Blade Episode One

I think all of us look back on some things we’ve said before and ask ourselves ‘what the fuck was I thinking when I said that?’ This seems to be the case for me when it comes to any of my first impression posts from past seasons, perhaps because I hadn’t found the secret to writing them yet. Something about the Spring 2009 season must have made me hyper-critical, it seems. Was I trying to look cool in front of my then-emerging readership? Was I just in a particularly picky mood then? What was this pretentiousness encroaching on me, that positively DRIPS from most of the posts I made at the time? (see: Saki ep 1 post, fully apologized for here.) I’m not really sure, but I can safely say that after watching the first episode of Queen’s Blade, my ‘impression’ post on it is easily the worst fucking post I’ve ever written in my life.

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The Reason a Phrase Like "Shounen" Exists is So You'll Stop Bitching About Shows That Weren't Meant For You

Theres a good reason this shit is in a shounen magazine

There's a good reason this shit is in a "shounen" magazine

People love to bitch about anime, as is made evident by the fact that blogs and /a/ exist. It’s understandable that people want to talk about anime that they don’t like, to possibly exercise the frustrations of having sat through a disappointing show. I know what it’s like when a show suddenly goes down hill or a character gets on your nerves in a show you like and you want to complain. However, it bothers me to see people complaining about things that they were never meant to like in the first place.

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