Look, my room is already overwhelmed with notebooks full of shit like lists and more lists and story concepts and also the occasional list. But I was at Office Depot today, saw this notebook, and needed it. I think it was designed for me specifically.

Fuck me, the lines are numbered and list-like! They’re just long enough to fit a title. I don’t mind the margin thing because I found a use for it, as seen on this page. The numbers are perfect to be checked off. The title box is two lines long, which is really nice. The last notebook I was using for lists had a title line, but it was fucking tiny and I could never fit any titles on it. There’s also a date box, which is nice, and even a name box, which is a little pointless, but nonetheless something I’ll probably fill in every time.

The upper-right box is what gets me, though. It’s a box for you to write in the page number. Why couldn’t they have just printed the page numbers on the pages? Maybe it’s so you can tear pages out and still continue, though if you write in pen you’ll make that useless rather quickly. I really don’t know, but I do know that in some of my notebooks I’ve made a habit of numbering all of the pages manually, and sometimes make a table of contents in the front of the book. It’s like the box knew.

It also has two covers. Don’t know why, but it’s pretty cool.

Okay I’m going to bed now.