So Much Hate? DigitalBoy's Least Favorites and Dropped List

I have gotten lots of crap, questions, and curiosity over my apparent intense hatred of Nanoha. It’s true, I consider Nanoha to be BY FAR the worst 12-ep+ show I’ve ever completed. Now, that sounds VERY extreme, I know. However, Nanoha is not even anywhere near the worst or my least favorite anime ever. I might talk a lot of shit about it, but I gave it like a 4 or a 5 – not even a particularly low score. It’s ‘just below average’ even. But you have to understand – I have only a handful of shows – little to none of a length over 5 episodes – that I have actually completed and hated. That’s because, if MAL is to be trusted, and if we can assume I will ever get back to everything I have on hold, I have approximately 120 dropped shows.

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