St. Valentine’s Day and 5 Senseless Anime Murders


You’ve heard it before – no one’s really sure about the origins of St. Valentine’s day, and historians have only found traces of various stories wherein someone named St. Valentine always gets horribly murdered by the end. And your candy hearts are stained red with his blood. This is not a post about the ‘greatest’ anime deaths – that would take forever. Rather, this is a post about five completely senseless, meaningless anime deaths to throw at the feet of your senseless, meaningless, bloody holiday. Lovebirds eat your hearts out… literally. Do it. These are, in fact, ranked by senselessness.

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Finish or Fail 9 – Neo Ranga is Another of Anime's Most Overlooked and Underrated (OR How For a While, Neo Ranga Let Me Remember Happiness)

(no spoilers until the point marked)

inb4 the requisute 'i was disappointed by the lack of body painted women' remarks.

Neo Ranga is one of those ‘great shows that no one’s heard of’, only this time it’s underrated as well as overlooked. According to MAL, only one of my friends has seen the show (No Name, whose seen everything) and only a small number of total members as well. What’s more, the collective score is only 6.63, and the results are similar on ANN. Why? How could a show so great get so overlooked? Actually, I’m pretty sure I know.

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Six Till Three-Hundred – Have You Been Counting Your Anime Milestones?

Ninja Scroll - Babys First Anime

Ninja Scroll - Baby's First Anime

If the number is divisible by five, and especially it it’s divisible by one-hundred, then chances are it will bring up some kind of significance in your mind. Your top five, ten, or twenty shows. Your 500th or 100,000th hit. All will feel somehow special. As an anime fan, I’ve never done much thinking about the totals of anime I’ve seen, since they never add up to significant or convenient numbers. However, on MAL, I have been told that I am 6 shows away from completing a total of 300 shows (out of the 630 I’ve seen any of, LOL.) Since I saw it, I felt I should do something special.

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Top 20 Shows You Suck For Not Seeing

There are plenty of anime that I’m sure you know about which everyone likes, and you’d probably suck ass for not seeing. However, there are also a number of shows that no one has seen, thereby making everyone suck ass. This is my top 20 list. If you’ve seen them, give yourself a pat on the back, you kick the ass of everyone else. I am hoping that people will use this post as sort of a kind of guide. Next time you are looking for something to watch, come to this list.

WARNING: May depress Ghostlightning

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