Getting Into The Bones of the Like vs. Enjoy Conflict – It Exists, You Have It

I like Angel's Egg but fuck all it was BORING.

Yesterday, Ghostlightning did a post about how it’s possible for him to like a show that he did not enjoy, and to conversely enjoy a show that he did not like. I at first decried this as impossible for myself – after all, I’m known for not putting up with things I don’t enjoy – my enjoyment seems to be intrinsically tied to what I do or don’t like. However, I mulled around with the thought and realized that, holy shit, ‘like’ and ‘enjoy’ are two totally different things, and then I finally cracked open on something I’ve been fighting for a while. I’ve always hated the way that people often declare ‘their favorites’ as separate from what they consider ‘the best’ anime. And now I’ve stumbled on the real meaning of those dual-lists – it’s a difference between what you ‘like’ and what you ‘enjoy.’

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Anime Is Serious Business… But Should It Have to Be? (A Study of Late-Night Anime)

It’s 2:00 AM. You and a buddy have been playing some game on co-op and now that you’re about halfway through, you think it’s time for a little snack break. You grab a soda and cook up some pizza rolls, then you and your friend plop down on the couch and turn on the tele. Nothing in particular is on right now, so maybe you just watch some Gordon Ramses show on BBC or whatever random show is playing on Adult Swim, or an HBO rerun – just whatever is on. You watch the episode, finish off your snacks, and when the show’s over, you and your buddy go back to Gears of War or whatever. Tell me, do you ever watch anime in a context like this?

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Anime Generalism – True Otakudom?

Post BGM – Love is War – Hatsune Miku

There was once a time in my life where I could confidently say that I liked anime because it had action, bloodshed, and badass characters. There was a time where I could confidently say that I liked anime because it had better plots or directing than other mediums. There was a time where I could confidently say that I liked anime because it represented some specific thing that I enjoyed. However, at this time, if you asked me what I looked for in anime – what specific thing was my reason for consuming Japanese cartoons, I’d probably be at a total loss. The best explanation I have is: I’m an otaku.

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