My Entire Goddamn Collection (with notes)

Look, I’m a showboating otaku (if that wasn’t blatantly fucking obvious). Of course I love to see people’s otaku rooms, and I love to try and show off my own, even though it’s less of an otaku room than it used to be.

I used to have fuckloads of posters covering my walls—mostly stuff from Megami and other magazines, the majority of which were given to me by a friend. (He kept the stuff he liked and gave the rest to me. I was less discriminating because I wanted a room completely covered in anime posters.) I also had a bunch of posters that came with DVDs, and a number of DVD covers (the ones with a full image on the back) stuck to my walls. I took a ton of old Anime Insider magazines, tore out full-page images that I liked, and put those up. None of these remain.

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