200 (+) Anime Worth Taking With Us Into the Next Decade

Pandora Hearts 3 – Still Amazing, Even if the Writing Isn't Great

Three episodes in, Pandora Hearts is still one of my favorite anime of the new season and it’s only getting better. Whereas Sengoku Basara and K-on! are my manly and moe nonsense anime of the season respectively, Pandora Hearts seems to be my ‘directing’ anime. I would say my ‘plot’ anime, except the plot is the show’s weakest point so far, and I’ve never been one to give much of a shit about plot anyway. Though I will say it’s a little discouraging that none of the anime this season seem to really resonate with me or feature characters I really care about.

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Pandora Hearts is Just Flat-Out Great – ep 2 Impressions and Other Thoughts

So far, I’m enjoying Pandora Hearts way more than I ever would have expected. As of episode 2, it is probably my third favorite show this season after K-On and Sengoku Basara. There are a number of things I want to say about this show and the second episode itself, so I’m going to go by episode chronology to cover it all.

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Pandora Hearts – A Swan Dive Into A Pit of Needles and Razor Wire – Unexpected Great

No matter how much some people (like me) think that we’ve eliminated most of our bias, there are always going to be shows that you look at with low expectations. I’ll admit it, I am not 100% equal opportunity. I have no intention whatsoever of watching Asura Cryin’ or Tayutama and I’d avoid Phantom like the plague if it weren’t getting such positive word (I’ll probably still hate it.) Pandora Hearts is a show I only gave a chance because I was bored and didn’t really expect anything to come of it. Perhaps my low expectations were a factor, but I was very pleasantly surprised with what I saw.

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I Hate Season Previews, But Here's Mine

I hate writing season previews because I get all excited about a lot of shows that I probably won’t watch until they are over anyway. However, much more than that, I HATE reading season previews. Why? Because people are fucking idiots about them. Almost every time I see a preview, it’s 90% pessimistic, blasting a show based on the character design and tiny shitty description they get of the show.  Some at last have the fucking decency to bring up studios, but even still they don’t bother to do extra research about the show. People, if you think a show looks stupid, why do I give a fuck? Who the fuck wants to read some bitch-ass making himself look cool by blasting a show that hasn’t even aired that he’ll probably end up loving and fanboying over.

Season previews make people look stupid as shit and can create negative vibes towards a show that doens’t need them. Fucking fall 07, some dumb little fucks accused Bamboo Blade of looking like some harem anime, and when that impression got let loose, tons of people avoided the show thinking it’d be some harem show. So all those people missed out on one of the best little gems of the 07-08 cross-season thanks to some fucking stupid rumors from people who hadn’t watch the fucking show. FUCK your uneducated season previews, if you won’t bother to FUCKING research the FUCKING show then SHUT THE FUCK UP. Anyway, here’s mine.

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