200 (+) Anime Worth Taking With Us Into the Next Decade

Episodic Blogging Experiment: Paranoia Agent – Episode One

I watched Paranoia Agent years back on Adult Swim and liked it a lot. It wasn’t a favorite or anything, as I was more of an action guy back then, but certain episodes were made of extreme win, and it was a show that was a little strange and a little slow, but just exciting and easy to understand for me to be entertained. I’d always had it as an honorable mention on my favorites list, and actually I’m rather surprise that I remember it so well when it was years ago (though I did probably see most of it like 4 times.)

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Taking Requests and Choices – Episodic Experiment – VOTE NOW!

So, I want to do some episodic and/or semi-episodic blogging. However, I have a natural tendency to never watch anything airing, so it’s hard for me. I’d rather episodically blog a show that has already aired, but last time I tried that I made four of this blogs BEST POSTS EVER and got zero comments whatsoever (even with advertising.) So, instead of jumping into an episodic experiment only to get disappointed 3 eps in and stop, I want YOU to decide what show I should blog episodically. Just understand that if you make a request, you have an obligation to comment on the posts in the series!

You are aloud to request any show whether it be already aired, or airing right now, with the only barrier being that I actually want to watch it (to be disclosed after the request) anything I haven’t seen in the past 3 months or at all is fine.

Here’s some shows that I would like to episodically blog myself but won’t without pre-announced interest.

Episodically – Arjuna, Lain, Gunslinger Girl, SoulTaker, and Paranoia Agent

Semi-Episodically – Maria-sama ga Miteru (season 4), RahXephon, Kamichu!, and Texhnolyze

I hope to get some damn responses!