We Remembered Love – DigitalBoy and Ghostlightning Videocast

So, Ghostlightning and I did our first videocast on Fuzakenna TV! And it was a ton of fun, especially with the live chat going on through it. Even though whether we stayed on topic at all is debatable! It was supposed to be a war, but then it just became us fanboying, showing our tits, and I got to somewhat meet his wife. It’s worth it just to hear GL’s funny accent and my awesome fanservice. Summary: Anime is the best fanboying, Bemboo Leaf Rhapsody was great, and I’ll be making 20 Eureka Seven posts!



– Opening Theme: Love is War, Hatsune Miku
– Digitalboy fanservice
– The battle begins
– We completely get off on a tangent about making anime
– Ghostlightning brings in his wife
– We end things because they are getting old, GL wraps it up
– We end up talking about Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody somehow
– Ending Theme: Konata Healing Springs

Digital Boy vs. Ghostlightning LIVE – LOVE IS WAR!

Post BGM: Love is a Battlefield (Metal Ver.)

Ghostlightning, head author of We Remember Love, is my biggest fan, and I’m probably his as well. The 32-year old family man thinks he knows how to remember love, but I’ve got something to teach his ass! Upon reading my third post on Eureka Seven in my Epic Journey seires, Ghostlightning accused my post of being nothing but summary and not displaying my love for the episodes I discussed. I argued that the summary posts only existed to keep my thoughts together until I reached the final post where I would expound my love, but ghostlightning argued that I should have been fanboying over the show the whole time, showing him why those particular episodes were great. Putting aside other mitigating factors dealing with that post in particular, I made the statement over twitter that one cannot truly state their love for a show until they’ve finished it. Ghostlightning disagreed with this, and so we have decided that it would be best to carry this into a videocast. Therefor this Friday, May 22, 2009, at 9:00 PM EST (-5:00) (which will be Saturday 9:00 AM for Ghosty) we will be throwing down right here LIVE in my very own Fuzakenna TV!

I don’t want to spoil anything before the big event or get discussion going too early, so after the fight I’ll post about the recording and then reactionary comments can go in that post. I’ll be preparing my opening arguement in the meantime!

Fuzakenna TV – My Absurdly Epic Plans For This Kickass Service

Post BGM – Whatever’s playing on Fuzakenna TV of course!



EDIT: Holy shit, just overnight, Mogulus changed their name to Livestream O_o

Several days ago, I was introduced to the video channel creating service Mogulus through The Gaming Dungeon‘s Mogulus-powered TV channel. After a few days of listening, I had quickly heard all of the songs on there too damn many times, so I went and found out how to make my own channel. And did. What I didn’t expect was how I could find out that I could use this channel to bring a whole new style of blogging to the anime sphere – a combination of interactive TV and podcasting that is sure to yield amazing results.

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