You'd Think That I Couldn't Be Surprised by Anime Anymore, and Yet Here I Am Watching 'SD Gundam Romance of the Three Kingdoms'

And it rocks. I mean, this shouldn’t be that surprising. How many times has anime completely turned expectations on their head? Before anime, if you told me I’d love a show called ‘Princess Tutu’ I’d have laughed at you, and if you told me I’d get more emotionally attached to little girls and their everyday lives than to any ol’ samurai, I’d have looked at you funny. However, the truth is that anime has surprised me so often that I tend to be incredibly optimistic. I don’t understand people who still manage to think that all of a new season’s shows look like shit when likely half of them will be surprise jewels. So when I found out that there was, in fact, an SD Gundam Romance of the Three Kingdoms, there was not a shred of negative expectations.

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