Stop! Hibari-kun! Old School Trap Anime

Many thanks to the ever-awesome anonymous of /a/ for introducing me to this treasure. Stop! Hibari-kun! is a show that aired from 1983-84 produced by Toei. The show is about a guy named Kousaka who’s mom died at the start of the show. She sends him to live with a former lover, who Kousaka quickly realizes is a yakuza boss (and turbo-violent to boot.) Initially, he wants to get the fuck out of this yakuza looney-bin, but then he sees one of the boss’ daughters and falls in love at first sight. As it turns out, the boss has 3 great daughters of diferent ages, but the one who Kousaka fell in love with is the 4th – the boss’ son! Kousaka is devastated, but the trap, Hibari-kun, seems intent to seduce Kousaka!

Oh, and it has the same script-writer as Legend of the Galactic Heroes

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