Basquash ep. 1 – Truly And Utterly Kawamori – STAY TILL THE END!!!

Basquash! is a new Shoji Kawamori show done by Satellite (Arjuna, Noein, Macross Frontier, all excellent). This show is worth watching for visual quality alone. The backgrounds are detailed beyond belief, and really they are hardly backgrounds – this show has a constant feel of dimensionality (holy shit, it’s a word), like you are standing right there in the show’s world. The animation is lively and fast-moving. There are CG mechs which is ordinarily a turn-off but Satellite has consistently handled them very well, making them feel natural with the rest of the show, and they do an even better job of it here than they did on Mac F. The main character’s hair is a little horrible (which is lampshaded in the episode) but the character design cake is wholly eaten by the hottest black girl in anime I’ve seen in a while. She’s got huge tits and it’s rare for me to like that, but she is just so hot it’s incredible. Possibly a bias on my part.

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