Episodic Blogging Experiment: Paranoia Agent – Episode One

I watched Paranoia Agent years back on Adult Swim and liked it a lot. It wasn’t a favorite or anything, as I was more of an action guy back then, but certain episodes were made of extreme win, and it was a show that was a little strange and a little slow, but just exciting and easy to understand for me to be entertained. I’d always had it as an honorable mention on my favorites list, and actually I’m rather surprise that I remember it so well when it was years ago (though I did probably see most of it like 4 times.)

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Opinions vs. Absolutes in Anime Reviews

This is a carry-over discussion from my comments section on the Unrepresentative Studio Screw-ups post.

The word ‘good’ gets thrown around a lot in anime discussion, and in conjoint with various aspects of what most consider to matter in an anime. ‘Good animation’ or ‘good characters’ or ‘good directing’. Good is always taken to have an objective meaning (I won’t get too deep into that, though, since I’m sure I have too many times on this blog.) However, some of these things are totally up to opinion, while others aren’t. I’d like to explore what things should and shouldn’t be personal considerations.

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