Strike Witches and Sengoku Basara – the Nudity of Concept – Don't F This Up (2)

A post in the “Don’t Fuck This Up” series. In reply to comment 17 by Owen S.

One doesn’t have to look hard to find that Sengoku Basara and Strike Witches have a lot in common. They are both historical period pieces that completely do away with any semblance of accuracy. Both are very straightforward shows that succeed on the strength of their production and the severity of their fanservice. That fanservice, a sort of nudity on the part of the entire show, is what I will now explore.

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The Anime I Just Never Talk About

Ghostlightning did a post yesterday on shows that he finds difficult to write about in spite of the fact that he is a huge fan of them. I have shows like this myself as well as shows I just… never really brought up, even though I enjoyed them so much. Looking back, I didn’t used to really talk about shows much after the initial ‘I finished it’ post, and it was really only near the end of last year that I started not only to post about my impressions upon completion, but to really offer up discussion and thoughts on the show. That said, there are still shows I just never managed to mention.

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SEN☆BASA ~ MOTTEKE☆KOJYUUROO – Sengoku BasaraxLucky Star +a

Many thanks to Miasmacloud of (best. domain. ever.) for pointing this video out.

When I think about it, there are a lot of similarities between Sengoku Basara and Lucky Star and I may like them for similar reasons. Both of them are silly, fun shows aimed at an audience pre-disposed to enjoing them. Just as Lucky Star is a placid comedy with the dressing of otaku culture, SenBasa is a period samurai drama with the dressing of over-the-top epic manliness. Both have fun characters who the fans like to draw engaged in gay sex. I think this video also brings out the inate cuteness in Sengoku Basara. Hopefully this doesn’t shrivel up any of your huge Man-boners.


Oyakata-sama does not ‘ride’ a horse. He ‘rides’ a pair of horses that share a saddle. He ‘rides’ them standing up while holding a massive axe. He mounts his double-horse by slamming his axe into the ground, propelling him 50 feet in the air and he lands on the double-horse while it is moving. He then rides this horse straight up a several-hundred-foot vertical wall. At the top, he is attacked by a ninja who he guards against within a centimetar of being stabbed in the eye. The ninja proceeds to decapitate his horses and enter into mortal combat with him. After he’s punched the ninja through a building, he proceeds to kill the ninja’s master by vaporizing him with sheer manly energy. My friends. This is the greatest anime ever made. And what’s more, it appeals to everyone.

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The first episode of Sengoku Basara is probably the most manly and fucking awesome first episode of anime ever. I don’t even know where to begin – my fucking beard grew longer while watching it. My fucking balls grew. I felt like I should have had a beer and a porn mag or something while watching it. Basically, Production IG decided to pretend to be GAINAX and produced some insanely over-the-top, totally fun-loving samurai action. It’s purposefully cheesy, throws back to all kinds of chanbara film techniques and fights so insane it’s hard to believe the characters aren’t in mechs. Fucking Date Masamune rides his horse with ARMS CROSSED and WIELDS THREE SWORDS AT ONCE — PER HAND

But lets not forget the main reason to watching this, NORIO WAKAMOTO AS FUCKING ODA NOBUNAGA. I loved the game, I love the show, will watch all eps at least twice. There is nothing negative I can say about this ep – it was astonish-mazing. Will do a more through post when Shinsen drops the first sub.

Almost forgot, op is a pretty good Abingdon Boys School song.

I Hate Season Previews, But Here's Mine

I hate writing season previews because I get all excited about a lot of shows that I probably won’t watch until they are over anyway. However, much more than that, I HATE reading season previews. Why? Because people are fucking idiots about them. Almost every time I see a preview, it’s 90% pessimistic, blasting a show based on the character design and tiny shitty description they get of the show.  Some at last have the fucking decency to bring up studios, but even still they don’t bother to do extra research about the show. People, if you think a show looks stupid, why do I give a fuck? Who the fuck wants to read some bitch-ass making himself look cool by blasting a show that hasn’t even aired that he’ll probably end up loving and fanboying over.

Season previews make people look stupid as shit and can create negative vibes towards a show that doens’t need them. Fucking fall 07, some dumb little fucks accused Bamboo Blade of looking like some harem anime, and when that impression got let loose, tons of people avoided the show thinking it’d be some harem show. So all those people missed out on one of the best little gems of the 07-08 cross-season thanks to some fucking stupid rumors from people who hadn’t watch the fucking show. FUCK your uneducated season previews, if you won’t bother to FUCKING research the FUCKING show then SHUT THE FUCK UP. Anyway, here’s mine.

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