When writing my last post, I didn’t really get why Urobuchi Gen thought now was the time to come out about the lie of Madoka Magica. Of course, that’s because I’m an idiot who hadn’t watched the third episode.

Part of my brain is saying ,”no way, she can’t be dead—she’s in the opening theme, on the promo material…”

But the other half is saying, “SHAFT already trolled us to begin with, they’re known for changing opening themes, and everything makes sense now.”

I’d read that there was a death in this episode, but I could never have expected this. Now I really understand why they bothered with that troll—so that our expectations wouldn’t leave us prepared for this.

Now I’ve got that Shiki 19 feeling of total despair and emptiness.

This show is a masterpiece.

Update: Now that I’ve given it more thought, I really don’t trust that Mami is dead. It seems like there was way too much foreshadowing about her character to end her time in the series. DiGiKerot also pointed out that there’s a chance Madoka could wish her back to life if it’s possible.

On the Sixth Day of Kurisumasu My Imouto Gave to Me: A Bloody Swath Cut Through Bakemonogatari Episode 15

As mentioned in yesterday’s moment, my relationship with Bakemonogatari over the course of 2010 was similar to my relationship with K-On. Having gone from almost dismissing the show in 2009 to finishing it and enjoying it with a wishy-washy sort of ‘almost love,’ my feelings for the series then slowly shifted.

In the wake of watching Bakemonogatari and To Aru Majutsu no Index, my love for them became superbly interconnected. To me, Bake and Index were two sides of the same coin, and I experienced fandom for both series very similarly in terms of the way I loved the characters and the way I loved certain aspects of the shows so deeply that they made me forget about the parts I didn’t care for; as well as in the way I went on obsessive doujin hunts for both. These were, I would say, the first two anime that came to be unmistakably favorites of mine for reasons that extended far beyond watching the actual anime.

My feelings toward Index became more mixed as the year progressed, mostly because of the disappointment of Railgun and being reminded of all the worst parts of the franchise in the first episodes of Index II. Meanwhile, Bakemonogatari finished its three extra episodes and they were so utterly amazing that all my wishy-washiness towards the series was blown out the window.

Having rewatched it for the sake of this post, I really think that episode 15 qualifies both as one of the best episodes of 2010 and as one of my favorite episodes of anime in general.

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Finish or Fail 5 – Bakemonogatari (TV) How I Relate to Being Part Crazy

Warning: this will probably the most confusing review ever >_<

Bakemonogatari for me is like an old friend that you’ve known for as long as you can remember. It’s the kind of a friend whom you love and can hang out with at any time, but you do KNOW him. It’s not like the two of you have to sit there and talk about yourselves and get all interested in one another, and it’s not like a cute girl who you’re flirting with for the first time. In many ways, I may want to hang out with this friend more than anyone else. Sometimes, meeting new people and making new impressions is stressful and difficult, so it’s always good to have friends you can fall back on and know they’ll be good to you. A lot of the times, that’s what you do when you are rewatching a show you love, but for me, Bakemonogatari was that all along.

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Maria Holic 4 – But Yesterday Was Friday the 13th!

So, the song that sounds like The Final Countdown actually plays quite frequently and also in a piano version. There’s a good chance it was playing before I noticed it too, lol. The fact that it’s a central song dissuades me a little but it sounds SO much like The Final Countdown that I refuse to believe it isn’t a reference.

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could watch this all day...

could watch this all day...

Oh, Shinbo! You utter bastard! You’ve failed to fail me yet again! Yes, you could say that Maria Holic 3 completely and thoroughly won me over. There was not a disappointing minute the episode over (perhaps because of my lowered expectations?) the show went from ‘chopping block’ to ‘OMG win’ all at once. It was like a glorious eruption of pure win.

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Maria Holic Opening Possible Influences – Erwin Wurm and the Red Hot Chili Peppers

So, when I first saw the legendary Maria Holic opening video, besides being blown away I was reminded of something – the video Can’t Stop by Red Hot Chili Peppers. I dug it up and, sure enough, there are some obvious similarities. And it doesn’t end there.

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