Youth Isn't ALL Mistakes – I Re-read Volume One of Bleach

The above Mistakes of Youth comic rings especially true for me. Back in my early days as an anime fan, I liked all the same crap that most newbies do – Naruto and the rest of the Shounen Jump gang, the other stuff on Cartoon Network, and hell even a few years later I got really into Death Note when the manga started in the US. At some point these series all just kind of became passe – there was this huge flood of newbies getting into them that I didn’t want to be associated with, and it was painful to see people asking me if I ‘liked Naruto’ when I had gotten to seeing around 200 anime even then (now I’m up to, what, 700?) But I don’t think I can totally attribute falling out with these series to my own aging nor to the increasing popularity of the shows. I’ve started to wonder – do I really dislike overlong shounen action shows? With this question, I turn to an odd case – Bleach.

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